Attica, Indiana Post Office

Attica, Indiana Post Office

You can find more than stamps at your local, small town post office like Attica, Indiana where you’ll discover a Depression-era mural!

Look up at the wall at this Fountain County post office and prepare to be amazed.

New Deal WPA Works in Attica, Indiana

New Deal WPA Works Mural in Attica, Indiana

New Deal WPA Works Mural in Attica, Indiana

The mural found inside the lovely Attica, Indiana Post Office is Trek of the Covered Wagon to Indiana. I really admire the colors used in this mural. The expression of the woman carrying the baby, well, any mother out there knows just how she feels.

It’s so soft and yet strong all at the same time. Maybe you will be as surprised to learn that the artist, Reva Jackman, was a woman! Reva Jackman, according to the Illinois Artists Project website, was born in 1892 in Kansas. Apparently she studied in Paris and exhibited her works of art there as well as a gallery or two in Chicago and New York.

The Attica, Indiana Post Office mural wasn’t her only one–she painted another oil on canvas in Bushnell, Illinois. She was also an art teacher.

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I’ve heard that these Post Office murals receiving funding by something other than the WPA. Some sort of Treasury department program. Either way, I love it! Isn’t it amazing all the neat things you can find in a small Indiana town?

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New Deal WPA Works
107 East Main Street
Attica, IN 47918

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