Did I ever jump for joy at the chance to review the Imagine I Can Secret Agent Spy Gear set from award-winning toy company Manhattan Toy. Kid #1 has been obsessed with playing spy–and, while on the case, refers to himself as 007 (ever since he asked me for the name of a “famous” spy).

Imagine I Can Secret Agent Spy Gear Review

Imagine I Can Secret Agent Spy Gear Review

Imagine I Can Secret Agent Spy Gear Review

Kid #1 eagerly tore into the Imagine I Can Secret Agent Spy Gear set. He was absolutely thrilled with everything. Kid #2, not to be left out, exclaimed “This is awesome!” although I’m pretty sure he had no idea what he was even looking at (at least at first).

This set is the perfect fit for our creative seven year old. It comes with a covert operation blueprint, a secret agent ID card (complete with space to put your own photo),cases for fingerprint powder and invisible ink, a spy corner scope and, get this, a decoder. It’s a really nice touch.

It even includes a few spy messages in the snazzy tin but the 007 in your home can also use it to create spy messages of their own.

Secret Agent Spy Gear Toy Set

Imagine I Can Secret Agent Spy Gear Review Spy Message Decoder

Imagine I Can Secret Agent Spy Gear Review Spy Message Decoder

Kid #1 spies on me in the kitchen. A lot. Both of our boys have made a big game of trying to sneak around the kitchen without me seeing them. They aren’t exactly sneaky but there have been a couple of times when they did actually surprise me.

In case you don’t remember, we live in a 112 year old Victorian–and there are 5 doorways in our kitchen. It gives them plenty of places to dart. You can bet that spy scope is coming in handy.

He thinks it’s all in fun, but I look at this as a sneaky way to get him to read. We can leave super secret messages for each other and voila!–he has to read and spell the message. Sneaky education is kind of my thing.

Manhattan Toy Company

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This isn’t the only set on the Manhattan Toy Company website. I was tempted to check out the Imagine I Can Pirate Treasures or the Imagine I Can Finger Paint Fun. They’ve released 28 role-play, do-it-yourself, and arts and crafts toys in this brand new series. Each set is just as innovative as the next.

These are not the kind of toys that end up in the bottom of the toy box. High quality, affordable, and well-made, it’s no wonder that Manhattan Toy keeps winning awards. I think I’ll add a pouf make-up brush to his spy kit–so he can “dust” for fingerprints.

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