PressReader App Review

PressReader App Review

When I’m traveling around small towns (and it’s not my turn to drive), PressReader will definitely come in handy. I can’t stand being surrounding by a bunch of clutter in the car. Yet, it seems I always have a book to read for fun, a book to read to learn something, a notebook, a crossword puzzle book, and a tote bag of snacks plus things for the kids to do.

Thanks to this app, I can cut down on the stuff around me. I will always have something to read–and so can you. This is the largest digital newspaper kiosk app for Android to Apple to Blackberry and Win7 Slate PC’s (to name a few).

PressReader News App Review

PressReader Connecting People

PressReader Connecting People

In other words: this is one handy and really clever application. It’s an impressive app that puts the news front and center. Now, the image to the left doesn’t do this app any justice.  Although it may not look like it from my images, let me assure you that PressReader is, in fact, a sleek and very sharp iPad application. Look at all the shiny.

Containing 2,300 digital newspapers from 96 countries in 54 languages–well, it’s not just another pretty face. Any news addict can certainly get their fill and then some.

There’s a slew of options here. I love choices, don’t you? I can browse newspapers from Albania to Zimbabwe. It doesn’t mean I can necessarily read them, but it’s nice to know I could if I, um, knew how.

One Newspaper App to Rule Them All

PressReader App Review

PressReader App Review for PC

Kidding aside, this is an awesome resource for those who do know multiple languages or who may travel a lot out of the country and like to keep tabs on what’s going on where and when and with whom.

You can automatically subscribe to your favorite newspapers or magazines inside the app, you can listen to your publication with a neat “listen on demand” audio feature (some of which are read by actual people), and you can even share what you are reading with your favorite social networks like Twitter and Facebook.

I know what I like to read and with the PressReader App, it’s always easy to find. I only need to click a few times and dive right in. I’m not navigated away to a website, I stay right here and read from within the PressReader App.

PressReader: News Made Easy

PressReader App Review

PressReader App Review

My time is precious to me. I don’t want to have to shuffle between websites or stay glued to my laptop any more than I already am. Interactive elements like phone numbers and websites make it easy to do what I want to do. Find the PressReader App on iTunes.

The PressReader App makes it possible to take the news or magazines that I want to read on the go. That’s something I can really get into. If you enjoyed this article, I have more technology reviews and apps to help make life simple.

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