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Super Duper® Publications: Ring Bling Game Review

Our family may have a great selection of board games, but Ring Bling by Super Duper® Publications is poised to become a new family favorite.

It’s a bit of sneaky learning: players will be so distracted by the “bling” (i.e. the 50 different plastic rings) that they won’t realize they are actually enhancing creative-thinking skills.

Ring Bling by Super Duper® Publications

Super Duper Ring Bling Game Review
Super Duper Ring Bling Game Review

As it is with most kids his age, our seven year old son could use a little work on his ability to listen. Ring Bling sets out to do just that.

Using a fun, brightly colored hand that actually stands up (which reminds me of those porcelain ring holders from back in the day), each player takes turns drawing a card, completing the action, and then spinning the spinner to determine if they get to choose 1 ring, 2 rings, or pass one to a friend.

The cards are illustrated and use simple words so our son got in a little reading practice as well! The cards are separate into three categories–but they are all shuffled together.

Learning Through Play

Super Duper Ring Bling Game Review
Super Duper Ring Bling Game Review

Each group focuses on a different skill. They are basic directions, conditional directions, and temporal. For example, the cards edged in blue are cards that focus on getting  the player to understand conditional directions, like: “If you like to play outside, close your eyes and touch your nose.” Our seven year old thinks they are hilarious–and loves to see mom get a little goofy, too!

Don’t think that because there are “rings” involved that this is only a game girls will enjoy. Quite the contrary! From dinosaurs to soccer to sparkly jewels and smiley faces, there’s something here to interest and engage any kid. And really, that’s the secret to this amazing game. It is truly engaging.

Involving our three year old son was a cinch–we had him spin the spinner and take one. If we had to turn over a ring to a friend, we let him have it. He liked to copy a bit of what we were doing (especially crowing like a rooster) but by placing rings on the outstretched fingers, he was working on his fine motor skills. Now that’s some clever education.

Ring Bling Enhances Listening Skills

Useful Product Reviews

Don’t just take my word for it. Use the following code on the Super Duper® Publications website to try it out for yourself and save 15% in the process: KSBLOG153. It expires March 31, 2013–so make sure to use it before then.

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