When you need a cozy place to stay, you’ll want to check out the Loft Inn bed and breakfast in Fairmount, Indiana. But to find this small Indiana town lodging option, you probably don’t want to copy our approach.

The Loft Inn Bed and Breakfast in Fairmount, Indiana

The Loft Inn Bed and Breakfast in Fairmount, Indiana

The Loft Inn Bed and Breakfast in Fairmount, Indiana

There are some times when my husband and I travel around these small Indiana towns that just don’t go the way we planned. Getting to the Loft Inn would definitely be one of those times.

For starters, we were leaving at night. Did I mention it was supremely foggy? If we hadn’t had a strict schedule to follow we probably would have stayed at home but duty called.

So, we searched for the Loft Inn. GPS said it should be RIGHT THERE. It wasn’t. It’s really hard to find something you’ve never seen in the dark and horrible, horrible fog. After finally figuring things out, we arrived with no trouble at all.

Fairmount, Indiana Bed and Breakfast

The Loft Inn Bed and Breakfast in Fairmount, Indiana

The Loft Inn Bed and Breakfast in Fairmount, Indiana

Even in the foggy dark the 1860 Greek Revival home is impressive. We pulled up to the back of the house and wow–this Grant County bed and breakfast looked phenomenal. I couldn’t wait to head inside and check it out.

After apologizing for our late arrival (we did get lost for twenty minutes), we were shown through the rooms with high ceilings to our cozy room for the night. What does a young couple do when they have a chance to settle in for the night without the kids? They grab one of the many neat books on shelves here, there, and everywhere and get reading.

We had places to be so we had a very early rise time. Really, it was almost painful how early we had to be up and at ’em. And yet the innkeeper of this lovely Indiana bed and breakfast still went all out. Steaming coffee was served in dainty teacups. Fresh fruit salad, an apple-topped cobbler kind of thing, and a plate of bacon helped jet-start my day. Don’t mind if I do.

It was excellent. I love a big breakfast (even at the crack of dawn) so I was beyond satisfied. My husband, though he didn’t quite share my gusto, was pleased. He wasn’t quite awake yet and not ready for so much food. But, I know how busy I was going to be–and I wanted to be sure I’d have the fuel to get through the day. This definitely did it.

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For a restful night’s sleep and a breakfast that’s worth waking up for (even at the crack of dawn), I can’t recommend The Loft Inn in Fairmount, Indiana enough. Stay in a bed and breakfast and enjoy a personal experience.

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The Loft Inn Bed and Breakfast
7911 S 150 E
Fairmount, IN 46928


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