Images from The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg

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Images from The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg

The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg, Indiana

The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg, Indiana

It’s always a joy to see a small town recognize their own unique history. Not every town has been so fortunate. But, for those with the foresight, it becomes a great way to educate locals and tourists about the special place their town holds in history. It doesn’t even matter where it is located.

I’ve seen town museums occupy some pretty small places. But for the Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg,  Indiana, they have a second floor museum that they have devoted to everything Huntingburg. Come on in and meet the people, places, and items that have put Huntingburg on the map multiple times in multiple ways.

Museum of Huntingburg, Indiana

The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg, Indiana

The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg, Indiana

The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg, Indiana

The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg, Indiana

Now, Huntingburg, Indiana has kept itself pretty busy. It seems as though one movie wraps up and another one is soon on the scene. You see, Huntingburg has been the site of three movies. I love that the museum includes props from the movies.

You can even find a League of their Own costume. I absolutely love that. They have quite the collection of glass cases containing not only props and movie posters, but many town artifacts as well.

Inside the Museum

What are a few of the key highlights of the Museum of Huntingburg?

  • Colonel Geiger belongings
  • 1901 “Huntingburg” Tour Car
  • Images and uniforms from local servicemen and women
  • Uhl Pottery

Colonel Geiger was responsible for platting the town of Huntingburg in 1837. He purchased 1,920 acres to start this town–and became a permanent resident. Why put a town here? Well, that’s easy. It was one of his favorite hunting areas. Why not live where you want to hunt? It became incorporated in 1866 and has been growing ever since.

Inside you will also find a car and an organ, parts of thriving businesses once located in this Indiana town. The car has a fantastic story. So, it was manufactured by Huntingburg Wagon Works (normally a builder of horse-drawn wagons) in 1901, the same year that Henry Ford’s first car rolled off the production line.

Unbelievably, it was actually found at a farm auction in Kalamazoo, Michigan back in 1961 by Peter Madzik. He purchased the car, restored it, and then gave it to the Detroit Historical Museum in 1974.

A Huntingburg resident noticed the car in the Detroit museum and made arrangements to have the item leased to the City of Huntingburg.

Huntingburg, Indiana History

The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg, Indiana

The Museum of Huntingburg in Huntingburg, Indiana

There are some really neat features on this car. Would you believe that standard equipment included a whip to chase away the dogs that couldn’t help but chase after the early vehicles, as well as an iron anchor. An anchor? Is this a car or is this a boat? Back then, the anchor was crucial–one big wind and, without it, the anchor could blow the buggy right down the street.

Uniforms, photos, all sorts of bits and pieces represent where Huntingburg came from–and where it’s going today. Please, do add this fabulous museum to your Indiana travel list.

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Museum of Huntingburg
508 East 4th Street
Huntingburg, IN 47542
Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 5 PM or by appointment.
As always, please call ahead to verify hours before making a special trip.

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