Little Indiana received a pair of Motorworks line cars and one accessory set by Manhattan Toy in exchange for an honest review. Opinions are mine alone (as always).

With two young boys in our home (ages 3 and 7) you can bet that we are drowning in toy cars. We have cars that make sound, cars that are quiet, cars that move, and cars that don’t.

But we have yet to find a car toy as durable and fun as the MOTORWORKS line by Manhattan Toy. These cars make buying car after car unnecessary. You will love the versatility of this toy line.

MOTORWORKS line by Manhattan Toy

Motorworks by Manhattan Toys Review

Motorworks by Manhattan Toys Review

THIS is what a toy car should be! With a wooden car body (made from European Beech wood), well, it doesn’t get much more durable than this!

You don’t need to purchase a bajillion other cars to give yourself variety because you can buy the accessory sets and are good to go.

Everything is interchangeable. Switch out wheels or rims or cabs. Buy accessory packs to add on custom decals or spoilers. There’s a lot of possibilities here.

Toy Car Fun

Motorworks by Manhattan Toys Review

Motorworks by Manhattan Toys Review

Choose among the street series, the speed series, or the monster truck series. We went with the STS Police Cruiser for the youngest. I knew our oldest would like the style of the FSS Flairside Truck in the Speed series (but still, it’s all interchangeable). The Downforce Dragster accessory pack also caught my eye.

I thought they would really like the detail on these and, since Kid #2 is obsessed with police cars (and any other fast-moving vehicle with sirens), I knew he would love it.

Yes, I was absolutely right. Both of them loved every bit of this Manhattan Toy product. As you can see, they are very nicely packaged in clear, rectangular packaging. In fact, I save the packaging and store these cars right back in it. The kids can easily see what’s on the shelf. I think that the clear packaging only added to their excitement to get the boxes open.

Durable Toys for Kids on the Go

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I love that the MOTORWORKS line are interchangeable and durable. They just feel good in your hand. But I also love that they are so easy to pack up and take with us on our travels.

We don’t bring every little piece along, but we bring enough so that they boys are entertained for those moments when we have a bit of downtime and they can just hangout for a bit and be kids.

The MOTORWORKS line has certainly made those snippets of time when we are in-between destinations so much easier on us parents. Our boys already have their eyes on more sets and accessories. With cars so cool, I can’t say that I blame them–and that we will most likely add to their current selection.

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