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Little IndianaLooking to build fans and followers on Twitter? Who isn’t? If you are new to Twitter, or you have a neglected, under-used profile on the social sharing site, we’ve got a few tips to help you engage and grow your following.

There are two bad habits we typically see when training clients on how to best use Twitter for their business. These are the two rules you just don’t want to break. Simply stated, they are:

  • Using twitter solely to promote your specials or your company
  • An account that has little to no interaction with its followers

The 80/20 Rule of Social Media

We’ve talked previously about the 80/20 rule.  I cannot stress how important this is when it comes to social media. At best, if you talk about nothing but yourself, others will tune you out because you’re boring. At its worst, they’ll unfollow you completely if you do nothing but talk about yourself because you’re annoying or offending them.

Yes, of course you will want to share what your company is doing. Just make sure to filter that in with other non-related tidbits. If you are trying to adhere to an inflexible social media policy, one that doesn’t offer much in the way of personal attention, may it would be a good idea to revisit that. People on Twitter are there to engage. Anyone that isn’t doing that is missing out.

Start a Conversation

So, once you cut back on blaring your promotions, how do you start a conversation with others? It can be intimidating. In fact, a client recently asked exactly that: “When I attempt to engage with those who follow my brand, what do I say to them?

This is a simple response. Talk to others as though you were talking to them in person. If you like their bracelet, tell them. If you think their joke is funny, laugh. Just be social. Be human. Talk to people like you would if you were meeting with them face to face.

Really, it’s easy to understand how Twitter why Twitter is intimidating. That’s because Twitter is different than all the other social media platforms. Don’t over think it though: getting involved and mingling with people is the best way to meet others. And frankly, it’s how Twitter can be both fun and lucrative.

Make it Personal

Showing customers you care about them and what is happening in their lives is the quickest way to build trust and create a long-lasting, loyal customer relationship. And like I said, it can be really fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter is your favorite platform in no time at all.

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