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Junk in the Trunk in Danville

Junk in the Trunk in Danville, Indiana Metal Art
Junk in the Trunk in Danville, Indiana Metal Art
Pop into Junk in the Trunk in Danville, Indiana and experience a lovely new antiques and more shop!

Ensuring that their items are accessible for anyone, this Hendricks County antique shop has a focus on affordable and reproduction pieces.

Junk in the Trunk in Danville, Indiana

Junk in the Trunk in Danville, Indiana
Junk in the Trunk in Danville, Indiana
What do you do when you retire but aren’t quite ready to really retire? You move into a small Indiana town and open up a shop that combines something you and your spouse enjoy!

That’s how Junk in the Trunk in downtown Danville got its start.

They took their individual loves for certain vintage or reproduction items and put them together to make one really great Indiana antique shop!

Danville, Indiana Antique and Consignment Shop

Junk in the Trunk in Danville, Indiana Exterior
Junk in the Trunk in Danville, Indiana Exterior
You’ll find gorgeous pieces of furniture, neat tin signs, and sleek cases of stuff like necklaces or bracelets or pins.

Junk in the Trunk is more than a place in to find unique items for your home, it’s also a consignment shop!

I’m sure you know what that means: the selection will always be changing! With lovely exposed brick walls and great organization, it’s a classier version of your typical sell-it-again shop.

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I love their story. I love that this couple found a way to combine the things they love into something that they can do together.

Junk in the Trunk is a great antique and consignment shop addition to downtown Danville. Enjoy! Small towns: Destinations, not drive-thrus.

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Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Junk in the Trunk
71 S. Washington Street
Danville, Indiana 46122

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