It just keeps getting better and better…This week was so much fun. We enjoyed coffee and more at a gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan-friendly coffee shop, visited a humongous candle company, revisited a few favorites in images, and still had time to throw in a tasty smoothie recipe, too. Small business owners will enjoy the latest social media small business advice from Eli Rose Social Media and their weekly article.

If you thought this week was awesome, just wait until next week.

Little Indiana Weekly Recap

Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana

Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana Community Bulletin Board

Images from Sisters Women’s Boutique in Salem, Indiana — Stylish clothing and accessories are easy to find if you happen to be near Sisters Boutique in Salem, Indiana. This women’s boutique specializes in name brand items from head to toe. Now this is one colorful and fun place to browse.

Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana — In Chesterton, Indiana, it doesn’t get more hip and happening than Red Cup Cafe. One look at the painted red and white ceiling, record player, and styling chairs and you can’t help but feel that artsy vibe.

Engaging Followers on Twitter — There are two bad habits we typically see when training clients on how to best use Twitter for their business. Want to know what they are? You’ll want to dig into this article for sure.

Images from Lincoln Living Historical Farm in Lincoln City, Indiana — Lincoln Living Historic Farm in Lincoln City, Indiana is an incredible look back in time. As part of the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial, it has 1820’s period style, animals, buildings, and lots of educational info. The people there  help tell the story of what life was like way back when. It’s incredible–and should be on everyone’s must visit Indiana travel list.

Strawberry and Banana Smoothie Recipe — Some days you just feel like doing something different: so I made these Strawberry and Banana Smoothies to go with breakfast. They are refreshing and delicious.

Championship BBQ Secrets for Real Smoked Food by Karen Putnam and Judith Fertig Cookbook Review — Now that we are about to kickoff summer, I am excited to share Championship BBQ Secrets for Real Smoked Food by Karen Putnam and Judith Fertig. If you have ever wanted to know how to smoke food or simply expand your recipe bank, this cookbook is it.

Centerville, Indiana Warm Glow Candle Company — If you’ve ever gotten lost while trying to find a small town attraction, Warm Glow Candle Company Outlet store in Centerville, Indiana may be a nice change for you. With it’s larger-than-life pillar candle replica (said to be the world’s largest) waiting outside, it’s easy to find by this eye-catching and unusual landmark alone.

Indiana Bloggers: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web 5/12/2013 — 5/18/2013 — I thought it would be fun to highlight one article each week from the Hoosier bloggers you know and love. You know, previously Featured Little Indiana Bloggers.

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