Do you have a triple slow cooker or, really, any slow cooker? Are you trying to come up with interesting and new recipes to use with it? The cookbook Triple Slow Cooker Entertaining by Kathy Moore and Roxanne Wyss might be the perfect fit for you. I threw in a few useful slow cooker links and so on in a section below (affiliate links).

Triple Slow Cooker Entertaining Cookbook Review

Triple Slow Cooker Entertaining Cookbook Review

Triple Slow Cooker Entertaining Cookbook Review

I want a cookbook that will make my life easier–and that has enough great recipes in it that I won’t feel like I’m “missing out” by not searching around online. The Triple Slow Cooker Entertaining Cookbook is definitely it.

On its own, it will supply you with a lot of great (and easy) slow cooker recipes perfect for entertaining. But when you combine it with a triple slow cooker (or, at least, multiple slow cookers), you have a very powerful hosting tool at your disposal.

For you see, there’s a slew of menu ideas in here, different ways to mix and match the recipes inside, like if you are hosting a tailgate party, an Italian dinner, a kid or adult birthday party, Mardi Gras, or a coffee date.

You’ll find ways to plan ahead, how to round out your menu, and even decorating suggestions. It’s really rather a nifty little idea.

Slow Cooker Recipe Cookbook

You see, other than the pages and pages of great recipes and menu plans for all kinds of occasions, you can’t help but notice that each part of the cookbook is broken down into sections. It makes finding what you need, when you need it, hassle-free.

Want soups, chili, and sauces? Okay, you know we already have plenty of those recipes. But in this cookbook, they are different. Plus, it’s far more than those basic slow cooker staples. How about main dishes? Sides and salads? It’s all here. Create your own personal menu by mixing and matching from the different sections.

There’s over 180 pages of slow cooker recipes–including beverages.

Entertaining Made Easy


Slow cookers are for more than soups and pot roasts. Dig yours out, dust it off, and rediscover the joy of entertaining with the simple recipes inside this great book. Having company over for dinner has never been more simple–or tasty. See why, when you check out this fabulous slow cooker cookbook.

Look for it at an Indiana bookstore near you.

Great Homemade Recipes

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