Dragonfly Cottage in Gas City, Indiana

Dragonfly Cottage in Gas City, Indiana

Downtown Gas City, Indiana has a fabulous new addition: Dragonfly Cottage!

You can’t miss the sign–it’s definitely eye-catching and just a hint at the excellent things waiting for you inside.

Dragonfly Cottage in Gas City, Indiana

A brand new business in Gas City, Dragonfly Cottage is ready and waiting with doors wide open!

This is just a wonderful building! Locals may remember it as a liquor store many years ago and before that? Who knows? But today, this Grant County shop is feminine, elegant, and classy all around.

Large pieces of furniture are painted in awesome shades, while shabby chic decor is perched on shelves, in baskets, and everywhere you look. It is a feast for the eyes!

Gas City, Indiana Home Decor

Dragonfly Cottage in Gas City, Indiana

Dragonfly Cottage in Gas City, Indiana

Vintage books are bundled together, tied with string, and have a great price tag.

Teacups sit here and there. So, too, do candles, hair accessories, and unique things for the home of all kinds. Toss pillows in a sorts of shades and patterns, some with an edge toward playfulness, are hard to resist!

She’s only a few weeks into her new venture but I can tell you that she’s on to something really good! She’s got a knack for finding neat things and adding a shabby chic touch!

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Dragonfly Cottage in Gas City, Indiana

Dragonfly Cottage in Gas City, Indiana

Owner Tammi was telling me about how wonderful Gas City, Indiana is and it got me thinking about that small town sense of community. Tammi could have opened her gorgeous shop ANYWHERE but she chose to be a part of her lovely community in a whole new way. That really says something to me about shopping local and I hope it hits home with you, too.

If you love shabby chic and great antiques, you will absolutely want to pop on over to Dragonfly Cottage in Gas City, Indiana!

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Dragonfly Cottage
125 West Main Street
Gas City, Indiana 46933

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