If it is the local hangout you want, then Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana is probably it. Everyone, and every town, needs a place where people can congregate, where they can meet for business or for a casual date, and linger over coffee.

Everyone wants a place where they feel unhurried and comfortable, yet there’s enough going on around them to drown out their own conversation. This coffee shop and more fits the bill. They have a hip vibe and a great atmosphere.

Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana

Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana Comfy Seating

Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana Comfy Seating

A unique, eccentric interior, fair trade coffee, and homemade goods makes for quite the experience here in Porter County. This would be especially true if you are vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free. We sampled muffins and cookies. Our family took it outside to the couple of bistro-style seats available outdoors. It was really nice to sit and watch the hustle and bustle in this cute small town.

Yes, they do carry items that will fit any of those special diets. There are quite a few options here. Be sure to ask at the counter for details. As with the rest of this awesome small business, you know that whatever you order to nibble on will be excellent too.

Before you leave? Check out that bulletin board. If a local event is not on Little Indiana’s Festival and Event Calendar (please see the link above) or tacked up on the board, it probably doesn’t exist. It looks as though everyone, from local bands to meetings and events have posted up their fliers. If you need something to do, here’s a great way to find it. How is that for a bustling town hub? Settle in with a cup of coffee and great company.

Chesterton Coffee Shop

Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana Exterior

Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton, Indiana Exterior

Edited to Add: In the time since my first visit, a former employee has since purchased the Chesterton, Indiana business.

For the last two years, she has kept it as the fun, vibrant gathering place that it is. You might find muffins or coffee cakes made with fruit that she had preserved the summer before. Whatever it is, it will be good.

Fat Tuesday brings the annual special of Okra Stew. There are special events like “Meet the Author” that features a meet and greet event with the artist whose work is on the wall.

You can place your order for a coffee cake during the holidays so you have something fuss-free to share with guests, family, and friends. It’s just a great place all around.

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Things to Do in Chesterton

For the latest specials, early closures, event news, and then some, you will want to follow Red Cup Cafe on Facebook. They will even keep you informed on big events going on in “the region” as they say.

Add Red Cup Cafe in Chesterton to your Indiana travel plans. It’s a charming, wonderful, eclectic hub.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

Red Cup Cafe
115 Broadway
Chesterton, IN 46304
Monday – Saturday: 7 AM – 4 PM
As always, please call ahead to verify hours

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