When a new toy appears that is creative, clever, and reusable–Little Indiana is all in. BENDASTIX is just such a toy. It looked like an interesting idea. But would it also be travel friendly?

BENDASTIX: The Big Box Review

Bendastix Big Box Review

Bendastix Big Box Review

What are BENDASTIX? Well, imagine a construction toy that was flexible, durable, and fun.

Different pieces combine to create a toy that is almost like a craft project but without the mess. They can be combined in so many ways to form whatever your kids can dream up. The best part is that BENDASTIX by Fibre-Craft can be reused again and again and…you get the idea.

There’s no throwing away a finished project. There’s also no messy end result. Your kids can either take it apart to store it or keep it together for display. Either way, you don’t have to constantly buy new. I appreciate the flexibility of this product.

Bold colors, fun patterns–once we showed the boys the box, they couldn’t wait to dig in. They sifted through the contents, chattering away. They were very specific in their plans. I shouldn’t have been surprised.

BENDASTIX: Think Out of the Box

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Instead of blocks or more traditional building sort of toys, Bendastix have a lot of options. You can make bracelets or hair things or you can make cars or robots or creatures. There are several products available and Bendastix is always coming up with new products.

I wasn’t sure what our boys would think. However–they have certainly surprised me.

The box of BENDASTIX sits near their favorite spot. They like to keep it within easy reach so they can make creatures and play “war.” It’s a great quiet-time kind of activity (at least until the war begins) that surely helps with fine motor skills. You know, when there’s that time of day when everyone feels like doing something not so loud, not so active.

New Toy, New Fun

Bendastix Big Box Review

Bendastix Big Box Review

Little Indiana received the big box of BENDASTIX and it is packed with these squishy bendable shapes. A pack of stickers is also included to add additional details–but you don’t need it.

BENDASTIX are good enough all on their own. Plus–it’s really easy to travel with, too. Although the box would be easy to carry (it has a handle) we opted for a smaller container. Car trips have never gone so smoothly.

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