Bub’s II Barbecue in Rensselaer

Bub’s II Barbecue in Rensselaer

Bub’s II Barbecue in Rensselaer, Indiana was really big news in this small town–they couldn’t wait until it opened. Now you walk down the street and smell the delicious smell of up to 700 lbs. of meat in a commercial smoker.

Bub’s II Barbecue in Rensselaer, Indiana

Bub's II Barbecue in Rensselaer, Indiana

Bub’s II Barbecue in Rensselaer, Indiana

Bub’s II Barbecue was just what Rensselaer, Indiana needed. In a town that has a massive amount of pizza places, it was nice to have a change of pace. Conveniently located downtown, you can’t miss it.

Owner RJ Howard knows barbecue–this is his second location. After achieving such massive success with his first establishment, he decided to open another location. You can find Bub’s Barbecue the first in the small town of DeMotte, Indiana. Same great menu, same great food. What’s more, there’s the same commitment to excellence.

Jasper County folks were so ready for this one, I think the whole town of Rensselaer turned out. There was a consistent line from door to counter for weeks. You’ll be glad to know that now you can get in and out with ease.

Rensselaer, Indiana Barbecue Restaurant

Bub's II Barbecue in Rensselaer, Indiana

Bub’s II Barbecue in Rensselaer, Indiana

Bub’s II Barbecue knows barbecue. Pulled pork or pulled chicken sandwiches, smoked beef brisket or a rack of ribs, Bub’s understands smoked meats. As for sides, those are also homemade.

You can find an assortment of sides like Bub’s world famous potato salad, fried bourbon apples, cowboy beans, Mexican corn…there’s a lot to love about Bub’s. How did I almost forget to mention the homemade potato chips? They are one of my favorite menu items. We are huge fans of the potato salad. I’m not usually all that into potato salad but Bub’s potato salad has bits of bacon and lots of dill. What a great flavor combination.

Our boys have been fans of the cowboy beans. They can’t resist either of them–and are always happy to see that they are still available. My husband and I also love the fried bourbon apples. They are a nice ending to any meal. Bub’s can sell out of items. Do call ahead if you have your heart set on something special. When they run out, they run out.

Whatever you order, you can bet that it will be made with care and absolutely excellent. He loves what he does and it shows.

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A spacious dining  room with plenty of room for dining in make this a fantastic place to go for any occasion. It’s wonderful to see a new mom and pop business thriving in a small Indiana town. Bub’s II Barbecue in Rensselaer, Indiana looks great inside and out. Add it to your Indiana travel plans.

See the latest news and fun by heading over and following the Bub’s Barbecue Facebook Page.

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Bub’s II Barbecue
221 W Washington Street
Rensselaer, IN 47978

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