If you are looking for new and used records, you will want to head to Indiana’s oldest record store, Hi Fi Stereo Shop in Fairmount, Indiana. Bins and bins and boxes of records are here waiting for you! It is really just incredible.

Hi Fi Stereo Records Shop in Fairmount, Indiana Exterior Sign

Hi Fi Stereo Records Shop Fairmount Indiana Exterior

This Grant County shop can meet all your music needs. No kidding. The owner’s son, who now handles all of the day to day operations, reached out to me, to tell me about this sweet little town.

He let me meet up with him at the shop and then took me all around the town. He shared history, he showed me into a second floor former opera house, and told me about unique and fun stories of Fairmount’s past. I got to explore his shop. It was awesome.

Isn’t that just the best part of small town life? I love how people are so open and let me into their lives, to show me their lives, and then let me share it all with everyone else. It’s so much fun.

Inside Hi Fi Stereo Records

Hi Fi Stereo Records Shop in Fairmount, Indiana

Hi Fi Stereo Records Shop in Fairmount, Indiana

So, at Hi Fi Stereo Records, I was shocked by the assortment. There were cassette tapes and eight-tracks and records both new and old. Maybe it is a little silly of me but I had no idea that records were still produced and yet–all kinds of popular, current music artists were available. I mean all kinds! Brittney Spears and Fallout Boys and current country music artists. It kind of blew my mind.

See, I love records. Beginning somewhere in elementary school, I used to get into my parents’ records. They had LPs and 45s of all kinds of artists. I loved my dad’s Aerosmith 45s, my mom’s Cher and The Bangles records, and the assortment of singles they had from Ghostbusters theme song to “Who Put the Bomp.”

I spent many a happy time playing Barbies or NES’ Castlevania, Joust, or Genghis Khan to the tune of whatever I had carefully put on. The sound was just good. It’s not crystal-clear like a CD is clear. It’s just…different. And I like it.

Indiana Record Store

Hi Fi Stereo Records Shop in Fairmount, Indiana

Hi Fi Stereo Records Shop in Fairmount, Indiana Cassette Tapes

I like knowing that I can begin tracking down the records that meant a lot to me, to give my children something to experience, something that might reach them. They are already music fans, I know they will enjoy the sound of a record.

More than the hometown of James Dean, Fairmount, Indiana has a few really neat shops and attractions in addition to Hi Fi Stereo records shop. Definitely add this neat mom and pop vinyl shop to your “must see” list.

Things to Do in Fairmount, Indiana

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

Hi Fi Stereo Shop
111 S Main Street
Fairmount, IN 46928

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