When you are trying to find LaRita’s Lodge bed and breakfast in Upland, Indiana, you will notice the pink barns long before you ever view the large white pillared house. Pink barns? Yes, you absolutely read that one right. It’s eye-catching, unexpected–and probably the envy of many a little girl.

LaRita’s Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Upland, Indiana

LaRita's Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Upland, Indiana

LaRita’s Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Upland, Indiana

LeLand and LaRita Boren raised their family in this Upland, Indiana home. Affectionately known as the LeLaLo Farm, it was named for the first three members of their family.

LaRita originally hailed from Oklahoma. Well, in Oklahoma, as the story goes, the setting sun makes the barns look pink. So, LeLand painted the barns pink to give his wife a glimpse of home in their small Indiana town. Isn’t that a lovely story? I think that is so touching. You can bet there’s plenty more good where that came from.

Today, the names of LeLand and LaRita are known for the great philanthropic works they have done for nearby Taylor University. LaRita Boren sat on the Board of Trustees at Taylor University for thirty years. There is a plaque to honor her for her thoughtfulness and dedication at the college.

Upland, Indiana Bed and Breakfast

LaRita's Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Upland, Indiana

LaRita’s Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Upland, Indiana

Although LaRita has since passed away, you can still enjoy this fabulous and comfortable country home. You will be surrounded by fields and wonderfully, restful quiet. I stayed in the Cardinal Room. Great windows, a neat painted tulip sink, and extra deep tub certainly made this a memorable Grant County stay.

Tromping around LaRita’s Lodge property was truly a highlight–as was speaking with the wonderful innkeeper. At the end of the day, though, I settled in on a glider swing and read a book–with a sweet aged white kitty for company. What a nice cat.

Of course, this was after I got to climb a fence and watch a baby bull get dinner. Definitely something you don’t see every day, definitely something I have no experience with, and just another fun addition to a fantastic lodging option. It gave me a great story to tell our boys.

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If you are pining for rest and relaxation, I can think of no better place than LaRita’s Lodge Bed and Breakfast in Upland, Indiana. Every inch of this place is comfortable and quiet. You are surrounded by cows, three bison, a llama, and a baby bull.

I particularly enjoyed chatting with the innkeeper that evening. She provided excellent company and had many stories to tell. I hope you enjoy your stay as much as I enjoyed mine. It was exactly what I needed after a long couple of days. I only wish my husband and sons could have joined me–they would have loved it.

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LaRita’s Lodge Bed & Breakfast
9315 S 950 E
Upland, IN 46989

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