When I was a kid, I used to stay over at my paternal grandma’s. I remembered having this fabulous green bean and potato salad. It was a vinegar salad and it was good. I loved when I would open the refrigerator door and see it in there. Now I’m sharing it with you.

Vinegar Salad Recipe

Vinegar Salad Recipe with Potatoes, Tomatoes, and Green Beans

Vinegar Salad Memories

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Years later, I just had a taste for it. I had somehow forgotten all about it. Luckily I was able to find it in a cookbook. It is one of my most favorite, can’t live without cookbooks that I have had since I lived with my parents. Not that I used it then, but I held onto it. I think I sensed that it would be a great one once I finally cared to learn to cook!

This is the cookbook (affiliate link) The Complete Guide to Country Cooking (Taste of Home)¬†where I found the vinegar salad recipe that tastes just like grandma’s. I decided to include a few other of my favorite cookbooks above as well. My mom gifted me the Martha Dixon cookbook and I managed to find the Hoosier Cookbook (but without the book cover) at a junk store for a great deal.

Anyway, we received a phone call the other morning that “Grandma” Barb had a bunch of green beans in her garden and that we were welcome to them. So, we grabbed a bucket and headed over. Of course, we left in the morning before it became too hot. I knew right away what I would do with some of them: this vinegar salad recipe.

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With fresh green beans, potatoes, and tomatoes still warm from the sun, this is an excellent refrigerator salad to have on hand for days when it is too hot to move, let alone use the oven or stove top.

The use of vinegar instead of mayo means that this side dish recipe also carries well to outdoor activities and won’t kill everyone if it is left out for too long. I’m always leery of mayo-based recipes at pitch-ins. I won’t touch them, just to be sure.

I accidentally ate all the cherry tomatoes I picked for the Vinegar Salad Recipe while on my way back inside so this time I didn’t use them. I know that sounds funny, but if you’ve ever picked a bunch of warm in the sun little tomatoes and then had to make your way back in with them, you know what I mean. They are too good to resist! I only threw in the one you see in the image for color. Silly, yes, but it does make a difference. My grandma only made this recipe with potatoes and vinegar. Tweak it how you would like.

Vinegar Salad Recipe

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