CrispRoots Cassava Root Chip Review

CrispRoots Cassava Root Chip Review – Image Provided

Tapioca. Manioc. Yuca. Kamoteng Kahoy. Whatever you call it, my new favorite snack includes the root of many names: Cassava Root Chip, CrispRoots.

Eight million people around the world turn to the cassava root for their primary energy source. Isn’t it about time the rest of us gave it a chance? After all, if it’s that great a source of energy, isn’t that something that we could all use?

CrispRoots: Cassava Root Chips Review

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A snack is a snack, right? Well, sort of. Many companies are working toward becoming socially responsible–and you could certainly say that manufacturers of CrispRoots are doing just that.

CrispRoot grows its own Cassava root on the island of Java, the founder’s home country, and has become the first official Rainforest Alliance-certified Cassava farm in the world.

In fact, CrispRoots supports the health of the environment by maintaining partnerships with the Bonneville Environmental Foundation for carbon neutrality, The American Forest Foundation for orangutan rain forest habitat preservation, and the Rain Forest Alliance for preserving natural rain forests and working with the environment.

With 30%-40% less fat than your average potato chip and double the fiber, I don’t feel quite so bad indulging in this one.

Snack Chip with an Edge

CrispRoots Cassava Root Chip Review

CrispRoots Cassava Root Chip Review

I like potato chips with ridges. It is, in fact, almost a requirement and something that my husband just doesn’t get. CrispRoots provides that thickness I like–and the crunch. When I’m stuck in front of the computer, I just need a crispy snack that feels satisfying. It’s all about the crunch.

After sampling both the Original flavor and Sea Salt, well, for something similar in taste to your typical potato chip, definitely choose the Sea Salt. It mimics the flavor of a traditional potato chip much more than the original flavor. You get more of the cassava flavor with the original option. While it’s good, it won’t trick your mind into thinking you are eating potato chips.

Would you believe I enjoyed these so much I didn’t share the last bag? I admit it. I’m guilty.

Healthier Snacking

CrispRoots Cassava Root Chip Review

CrispRoots Cassava Root Chip Review – Image Provided

I think you’ll feel the same way when you give these a try.

CrispRoots do not contain any artificial sweeteners, trans-fat, cholesterol, artificial flavors, artificial preservatives, coloring, yeast, gluten, or dairy. It’s safe snacking for a big variety of folks and a welcome change, I am sure.

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