Indiana Bloggers: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web

Indiana Bloggers: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web

I thought it would be fun to highlight one article each week from the Hoosier bloggers you know and love. You know, previously Featured Little Indiana Bloggers.

Just like the bloggers, no two weeks will ever be the same! Like a fine box of Indiana chocolates, you never know what you are going to get. Recipes and crafts, education or travel, there’s plenty to learn and do.

If you are an Indiana blogger and would like to be featured on Little Indiana, please let me know via email or in the comments below. Now, let’s get caught up with what our Hoosier bloggers were doing this week!

Indiana Blog Updates

The categories may change each week but look for the bold-faced category items to easily navigate to the topics you prefer.


Everyday Mom’s Meals: The Very First! — After months without a working oven, the very first thing this blogger bakes is Blackberry Cobbler.

A Latte with Ott, A: Canning Sweet Corn — Have sweet corn? Get to canning!

A Couple Cooks: Grilled Eggplant Parmesan — Elegant and slightly longer to fix but worth it.

Girls in White Dresses: Menu Plan Monday: Pasta Prima Bake, Tomato and Corn Pie, and more!

Sarah Lynn’s Sweets: Sweet Tooth Tuesdays #15 — It’s a link-up party of desserts and snacks.

BasilMomma: Peach Sweet and Sour Sauce with Al Fresco Chicken Sausage Meatballs — Peachy, chickeny goodness.

Goodeness Gracious: Ham and Cheese Skillet — Mac and cheese with ham.


Candidly Clyde: 919 Noble St. — The people in your neighborhood…

Walking the Off-Beaten Path: There’s a Patron Saint for Cows? Well, Dear St. Brigid... —  Cow problems.

Back Home Again: Hooray it’s Friday! — Celebrating summer.

Granola Mom 4 God: How To Make Your Clothes Smell Good — A few tips to try. (affiliate links)

Jean’s Boots are Made for Talking: Ten Years and One Day Ago — This blogger moved into her dorm room at college and made a life long friend.

Eternal Lizdom: Bible Translations — Comparing different versions to a verse from Psalms.

Tales from the Coop Keeper: The Job — A job offer, a job turned down.

Fitness and Health

Treble in the Kitchen: New Fitness Goals: My Fifth Half Marathon — Preparing for what is ahead!

Fashion and Clothing

Sarah’s Real Life: Arriving on a Jet Plane — What to wear on an airplane? This blogger has an idea.

Tulle and Trinkets: Life Lately in Photos — The past week in review.

Indiana Authors and Writers

Marian Allen: Reblahg: Middles — How to Write the Middle of a Story.

Eclectic Insights: Thursday Tidbits My Big Secret — Former soap opera watcher turned soap opera writer.

That Darn Kat: Albert Einstein on Fairy Tales — A favorite quote.

Education and Crafts

Acton Creative: Let’s Call it a Day — The end of the weaving project!

Spell Outloud: Zoo Resources for Preschool — Zoo themed fun for everyone! (affiliate links)

Travel and History

Something Monumental: Bright Lights of the City — Old images found from two years featuring city lights!

Arrows Sent Forth: Copenhagen with Kids: Itinerary and Advice — Two full days spent in Copenhagen (plus two more arriving and departing).

Just like the Number: The Package is the Present — A weekend away and the memory.

Historic Indianapolis: Revisited Then and Now: Spades Park and the Feast of Lanterns — The park where John Dillinger played ball as a boy.

Rensselaer Adventures: A Busy Friday Evening — Rensselaer reclaims the Cracker Barrel.

Local Lady: Richmond, Indiana’s 5th Annual Melodrama: A World Premiere! –Where the villain is in black, the hero is in white, and fun is all around!

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