Advertising on Little Indiana is a great way to get your business out there. It lets potential customers become acquainted with your business–and then keeps it in their line of sight. But your business might need another outlet as well.

Why Your Small Business Needs Facebook

Why Your Small Business Needs Facebook

Why Your Small Business Needs Facebook

Your future customers can find out all sorts of information about you right here on Little Indiana. They do and they will. It’s a place to initially learn your story, too catch a glimpse of the things you might carry, provide, or do. They will see where you are located and find the relevant contact information.

Although it might include everything they need to know to find you, Facebook becomes a nice complement. How? Well, customers want to hear about you from, well, YOU. They want to feel more involved with your business–and to cheer you on whenever they can. Give them that opportunity.

Now that they know your business exists, there are different things they will do to try to remember that they want to visit. If they have visited you in the past, chances are they want to return. Seeing your name on Little Indiana is fabulous but Facebook can also help by providing those in-your-face instant updates that they can’t get on here.

Your Personal Side

Small Business Tips

In many cases, they are planning on visiting your small Indiana shop because they want that personal mom and pop touch.¬†Facebook let’s you easily show off your personal side! You can engage with your Facebook Fans.

Here, they can ask you questions, read your daily posts, and see which one of their friends also frequents your business. It will be most beneficial to you if you actually respond to questions in a timely manner. A neglected Facebook Page will not do you any favors and can lead customers to wonder if you have closed for good.

Oh, and did I mention it’s free? Facebook is free to use and always will be. It’s a part of the company mission. It doesn’t mean they won’t tweak things or try to get you to pay for their Facebook advertising, but the service itself won’t add any costs to you.

It’s easy to sign up. You can create your own Facebook Business Page in no time. Of course, there are tips to remember to make sure that your Facebook posts line up with your business.

Using Facebook The Right Way

Of course, there’s a wrong way and a right way to do just about anything–and Facebook is no exception.

Little Indiana may send them your way but Facebook gives them somewhere else to go to learn even more and interact with other fans. You will need to add images and video, keep your message clear, and respond whenever anyone reaches out.

Stay tuned to Little Indiana for new small business information every Tuesday.

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