Green Star Elite Juice Extractor Review: Apple Juice

Green Star Elite Juice Extractor Review

little Indiana and family have been loving our Green Star Elite Juice Extractor–and use it constantly!

This handy small appliance is so convenient and easy to use you just won’t believe it.

Green Star Elite Juice Extractor Review

Before the arrival of the Green Star Elite Juicer, we had never juiced anything! Now? Well, my husband scours the fridge in search of things to throw together. Tomatoes, carrots, spinach, celery, blueberries, oranges, cherries…those are just a handful of things he’s throw in (though not all together!).

My husband and I have been waiting for this moment: the time when our Indiana farmer’s market is overflowing with apples! Fresh, beautiful apples right from the farm.

We’ve been wanting to try homemade apple juice and knew that the Green Star Elite Juicer would make juicing apples a snap. We were right!

Amazing Fruit and Veggie Juicer

Green Star Elite Juice Extractor Review Image Courtesy of Tribest

Green Star Elite Juice Extractor Review

This has been so much fun! Homemade juice does not taste like anything you would find at the store. It’s so very, very good.

Using a three step process, crushing, mixing, and pressing, more juice and nutrition are squeezed out of every drop. It even keeps bubbles at a minimum to prevent a further nutritional degradation!

We were surprised to learn that you can throw in cubed Watermelon–without removing the rind! The same goes for several other fruits and veggies. Is that neat or what?

Think outside the box: it’s far more than a juicer. Really, it’s like five machines in one! The Green Star Elite Juice Extractor would have been so handy to have around back when we made baby food. You can even use it to make pasta with a special attachment.

Tribest Juicer Review

Green Star Elite Juice Extractor Image Courtesy of Tribest

Green Star Elite Juice Extractor

Before agreeing to receive the sleek product, I wondered if it would be worth the counter space. Um, YES! A thousand times yes!

The Green Star Elite Juice Extractor has quickly become one of our most used kitchen appliances and for folks that spend as much time in the kitchen as we do–that says a whole lot. Now, if you will excuse me, I’ve got juice to make!

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