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Indiana Blogs: Attention Deficit Sports Disorder

Indiana Blogs: Attention Deficit Sports Disorder

Attention Deficit Sports Disorder is an Indiana blog with sports on the brain! Edited: Links have since been removed to blog featured here. It has been abandoned.

Not just limited to Indiana (although our teams are frequently mentioned, of course), this site has a Midwest reach with loads of information.

Football, basketball, baseball–all your favorite sports are right here on Attention Deficit Sports Disorder!

Indiana Blogs: Attention Deficit Sports Disorder

Why did you start Attention Deficit Sports Disorder? 
We started Attention Deficit Sports Disorder, because we felt like so many great sports stories go under the national radar. The sports fans of the Midwestern states of the U.S. are some of the best and most loyal fans in the nation. Have you ever met a sports fan from the west coast? If you have, a lot of times they tend to allow others or their location to determine what sports team they support.

If you ever meet a Midwestern-born fan that has relocated to another region, other than the Midwest, they are loyal and true to their childhood sports teams. So because of this shared belief, we at ADSD wanted to create a sports podcast for educated fans that are tired of hearing about the big market stories that don’t directly relate to the Midwest. Some national stories that have come to mind are: New York Jets drama; constant Dallas Cowboys updates. These stories aren’t about the games.

We also feel that the Big10 Conference (native to Midwest) is the all-around, most consistent premier conference of the nation. We have been started for just over a year now and have expanded our network to cover as many Midwest teams we can. So far we have:

*Austin Cowley – Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bulls, Purdue University
*Drew Stichter – Detroit LIons, Detroit Tigers, Detroit Pistons, Purdue University
*Jason Shidler – Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Cincinnati Reds, Indiana University
*KB Wilson – Ohio State University
*Adam Stichter – Michigan State University
*Dan Jones Jr. – Penn State University, Pittsburgh Steelers

We have also reached out to professional sports journalists to talk on Midwestern topics. On our website, you can research our interview shows that we have recorded already.

What about that name? Why Attention Deficit Sports Disorder?
We really like our name. Being the intense, die-hard fans that we are….often we have been labeled as having ADHD. In no way do we want to bring humor to the people that suffer from the ADHD, but we feel we have it when it comes to our sports news. We want it all and we want it now.

No matter what season it is, we want to talk all things Midwest sports. We are constantly getting updates on our smart phones, reading the ESPN ticker at the bottom of the screen, and watching a game all at the same time. We constantly change subjects and sports and just want to get the point across to our fans that we are hyper, attentive, intense, and almost obsessive about our sports talk. The name fits us well and we think it is very catchy. We hope our fans agree.

What are three of your most favorite posts?
Great question. After doing this for a full year now, I guess now is the time to think about this answer. One comes to my head immediately, but because we do both blogs and podcasts, it’ll take some time to come up with this answer. I need to combine our blogs with podcasts to come up with this answer.

  • Interview with Kenneth Lowe (Former Purdue Basketball Player). I chose this one because this was one of the most entertaining shows Drew and I ever did. Kenneth was such a hard worker and great player at Purdue. Drew & I sat in Mackey Arena and witnessed his guts and sweat every home game. We got in contact with Kenneth after the Purdue Alumni game last season (2012) and has been in touch with us ever since. Look for Kenneth to be back on future shows.
  • Penn State Shows Fight and Resolve in a Hard Fought Win Vs. Formerly Unbeaten Northwestern
    This blog was written by Dan Jones Jr. This blog brought in the most traffic our site has ever seen. Not only did Dan write a great article, but he posted it on a website that he is a member of for Penn State fans. Dan is a very passionate, intelligent fan and the amount of traffic he brought proves that. He is a great Penn State football member of our network and we appreciate his hard work. Dan just recently completed his Masters degree in Education and went to college with Austin and Drew at Purdue.
  • Interview w/ Purdue’s #1 Tailgate – Jon Hodge
    Jon Hodge is an awesome guy who hasn’t missed a Purdue football home game and tailgate in a LOOONG time. He is an acquaintance of Austin’s wife, Nicole (whom has contributed greatly to the first year of this site), and has been very hospitable to ADSD. Jon Hodge represents the target fan that this website is looking to recruit as fans. Big10 Network has done pregame stories at his tailgate and Jon is a very successful entrepreneur in the West Lafayette area. This podcast is a must listen for all Midwestern fans, especially those that religiously follow the Big10. We cannot wait to catch up with Jon Hodge and his legendary tailgate every season.

What keeps you ready and raring to post? Why do you blog?
We call it and believe in the Attention Deficit Sports Disorder. We literally cannot get enough sports and we cannot stop talking about it. Our phone conversations were so insightful and full of knowledge that we all came up with the agreement that we need to start recording these.

We do it for the love of the game. Someday, we would love for a sports business to pick up on our dedication and hire us to fill on-the-air sports shows, but until then we just want to passionately talk about our teams that we all do such a great job of following. We don’t consider ourselves to be normal fans…but we consider ourselves very knowledgeable and entertaining with our amount of info we research.

What can people expect when they hop onto your blog?
You can expect up-to-date stories that deal with Midwest sports. Our motto is, “From college to the pros, we talk ALL things Midwest sports” You won’t get the same regurgitated stories. Often times, fans will hear the exact same national headline stories all day for a week straight.

We wanted to change it up for the sports fans and give them an alternative route to hear stories that actually deal with games, players, coaches, and fans. Again, we believe the Midwest sports fans are the best fans that do not jump off the bandwagon (like we saw Miami Heat fans recently) and want to hear more in-depth coverage of what is going on with their team, whether it is preseason, season, post-season, or offseason, we never turn off our ADSD.

You talk sports all the time–do you have a favorite season?
Overall on our show, football has to be our favorite season. Right now in all of America, football is the most popular. The host Austin would have to say basketball, because that is his profession (high school boys basketball coach), but overall, this website specializes in football season. The Big10 and NFL are our most popular seasons.

How did this get started? What sport was your first love?
This got started by Austin and Drew staying in touch after being college roomates. Drew is from Toledo, OH and Austin is from Winamac, IN. They both met at Purdue University and created a lifelong friendship based on their mutual knowledge and love for sports. Their long debates in college were intense and they continue to this day.

Jason Shidler is also from Winamac, IN and was a high school teammate of Austin. Austin came up with the idea and influenced Jason and Drew that our conversations on the phone are just as entertaining and intelligent as the sports Television and Radio shows. It was almost free to get started, so we just let our ADSD take us from there.

Basketball and football are our first loves with baseball being a close 2nd/3rd.

Is there anything else that you would like little Indiana readers to know about you or your blog?
We are still expanding our network. Our goal is to get a representative for each Midwest sport, so we can always get the best info out to our fans. We would like every Big10 team to be covered, along with all other NFL/NBA/MLB teams that lie inside the best region in the U.S., which we believe is the Midwest.

Also, we do lack in the computer graphics and audio editing areas and are always looking for ways to improve. We are open to expanding our network to improve any and all areas. Also, we have ample space for advertising. We have a few companies we are currently negotiating with and will be adding a few in the very near future, so we welcome any and all ways to expand and make our website attractive and efficient.

Midwest Sports Authority

Now THAT is a lot of Midwest-centered sports talk! If you’ve got sports questions, they’ve got sports answers! Thanks to ADSD for sharing their sports-lovin’ world today!

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