iPad Wall Mount by Dockem

iPad Wall Mount by Dockem

I use my Apple iPad in the kitchen all the time but I worried about spills and messes–until the iPad Wall Mount by Dockem.

This easy to use iPad Wall Mount has made those fears a thing of the past!

iPad Wall Mount by Dockem Review

My Apple iPad (courtesy of Verizon Wireless) is something I use constantly for little Indiana! iPad Apps, notes, alarms–it’s really indispensable when it comes to running my business.

So, it was really with mixed feelings that I brought it into the kitchen. It made it so easy to look up and use my favorite family recipes but on the other hand, I am not the tidiest of cooks.

I spill things. I drop things. It can get messy. The last thing I wanted was to ruin this incredibly useful gadget because of a flour mishap. Enter the iPad Wall Mount by Dockem. What a great idea!

Koala Mount iPad Wall Mount

iPad Wall Mount by Dockem

iPad Wall Mount by Dockem

This handy little thing takes no time at all to install, is removable, and works with the slim iPad covers!

You basically measure it out, clean the space with the alcohol prep pad, place the adhesive strip, and there you go! Isn’t that easy? You can find refill strips and other add-ons, too.

No iPad? No problem! the iPad Wall Mount by Dockem also works with the Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, the ASUS Transformer Prime, and the HP Touchpad! I guess you can say that you’ve got options.

Easy to Use

Think beyond the kitchen: maybe you need a wall mount for entertaining yourself while working out or just having a convenient storage spot so you always know where it’s at when not in use!

Tablets aren’t cheap. Fortunately, the Koala Mount for iPad is inexpensive and an easy way to meet a variety of needs! For more ideas, please see the video by Dockem below.

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