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Polly’s Freeze in Maplewood, Indiana

Polly's Freezer in Maplewood (Georgetown), Indiana

Polly’s Freezer in Maplewood (Georgetown), Indiana

A long time community fixture, Polly’s Freeze in Maplewood, Indiana is fantastic.

One of the most unique Indiana ice cream parlors we’ve seen so far, Polly’s Freeze certainly is eye-catching!

Polly’s Freeze in Maplewood, Indiana

Yes, that is a big green neon parrot! In business since 1952, Polly’s Freeze is a very, very busy place.

It won’t take you long to figure out why: there’s homemade ice cream! They make their own homemade orange sherbet for starters–and it is always on the menu!

Other homemade flavors include black raspberry, strawberry, and banana with pumpkin for the Autumn. Made with real fruit, those are on rotation to keep things interesting. I know that certainly holds my attention.

There’s plenty of your typical ice cream favorites too. Smoothies, sundaes, shakes, and slushes–you’ve got plenty of options at this ice cream shop!

Maplewood, Indiana Ice Cream Parlor

Polly's Freeze in Maplewood (Georgetown), Indiana

Polly’s Freeze in Maplewood (Georgetown), Indiana

Unlike so many ice cream parlors that we’ve seen in our travels through small Indiana towns, this Hendricks County ice cream destination has a ton of room!

Not only is the building itself larger than what you usually see in a small Indiana town (or, really, a big city for that matter!), you’ve got a choice of where to sit and enjoy your Polly’s Freeze treat!

There is no shortage of seating here. There is covered seating. There’s seating in the shade under trees. There’s seating in the sun. That’s really nice to see!

Is there anything better than sitting outside with a yummy Banana Shake when there’s gorgeous Indiana weather to enjoy?

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Polly's Freeze in Maplewood (Georgetown), Indiana

Polly’s Freeze in Maplewood (Georgetown), Indiana

This Hendricks County ice cream parlor is a seasonal business so you’ll need to act fast before summer “officially” slips into Autumn!

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Polly’s Freeze
5242 IN-62
Georgetown, Indiana 47150

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