Alter Eco Black Quinoa Stuffed Coffins Recipe

Alter Eco Black Quinoa Stuffed Coffins Recipe

Alter Eco caught on to the fact that folks in Indiana really love to celebrate the holidays with special meals (or at least I do!) and sent me a package of their black quinoa to try in a special Halloween recipe.

Whether it is visiting the Indianapolis Zoo for ZooBoo, decorating the front porch with cobwebs and scarecrows, or picking apples in one of the many Indiana apple orchards Hoosiers sure know how to celebrate the fall season.

A completely different harvest of foods are ready to enjoy, apple cider is at it’s peak, and cute fall treats are popping up everywhere! Fall also means that it is Halloween time, and it is really the kick-off to all the cold weather holidays.

Alter Eco Black Quinoa

Alter Eco Black Quinoa Squash Coffins Recipe

Alter Eco Black Quinoa Squash Coffins Recipe

As a huge quinoa fan, I was excited to try the black variety because previous to this I had only tried white quinoa.  I found the black quinoa to have similar flavor, but slightly more crunch!  I loved it!

This was also my first experience with Delicata squash, and while I had no idea what to expect from this completely new-to-me meal…I cleaned my plate and wanted more!

The Delicata squash had a slightly buttery flavor and was very soft.  It was the perfect contrast to the crunchy and subtly earthy quinoa. I absolutely loved the fact that this fun and festive dish was nutritious.

I often turn to sweet treats to celebrate a holiday or special occasion and forget that I can get creative with healthy foods too!  This was definitely a winning meal in all categories.

Black Quinoa Stuffed Coffins Recipe (From Alter Eco)

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