Historic Preservation in Indiana by Nancy R. Hiller

Historic Preservation in Indiana by Nancy R. Hiller

Historic Preservation in Indiana edited by Nancy R. Hiller shares the importance of saving our historic buildings.

In this fantastic collection of essays, you’ll find a variety of reasons why people have latched onto a historic structure and wouldn’t let go!

Historic Preservation in Indiana Edited by Nancy R. Hiller

No one visits a small Indiana town because they have loads of downtown parking lots or are coated in big box stores. They don’t admire the lack of historic buildings, either.

The same, of course, stands for the big cities of Indiana. Those places I have visited, the ones that are doing really well, are those that have recognized what they have!

They don’t rip things down to make room for yet another parking lot that no one really needs. They don’t chop down every tree either.

Field of Dreams was semi-right, “If you build it, they will come.” I say, “If you save it, they will come.” I’ve seen it with myself and I’m betting many of you have, too.

Parking can be difficult but look at what has happened: thriving, bustling downtown ares full  of unique mom and pop shops in gorgeous buildings (I’m thinking of you, Madison and Scottsburg).

There’s proof of the importance of our Indiana history all over this beautiful, beautiful book.

Saving Historic Homes, Neighborhoods, and Structures

Historic Preservation in Indiana isn’t some dry read that drones on about architectural styles. Instead, it captures why people love what they love!

Each essay captures that sense of place, that thing that makes people proud to live where they live, and the problems and solutions involved in saving it!

There’s the essay about the Patoka Bridges that weren’t even on the INDOT survey of structures in need until after 2003. There’s the remains of the Wabash and Eerie Canal in the Patoka Bottoms.

There’s a neighborhood transformed by one house. Really, that’s the way it always begins. All it takes is one person taking the time and renovating the exterior to spur others into action. The end result are functional, happy neighborhoods.

Interesting Indiana

If you’ve ever wondered about some of our historic buildings that were almost lost, take a look at Historic Preservation in Indiana. If you’ve ever wanted a powerfully written book to explain that pride in history, take a look at Historic Preservation in Indiana.

If you need a starting point to save a meaningful endangered site, this book is it!

In case you couldn’t tell, I am supremely impressed with this book. It’s entertaining and educational all in one.

Find or special order (affiliate link, please see how to shop small using Wishlists here) Historic Preservation in Indiana: Essays from the Field at a locally-owned Indiana bookstore near you.

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