Biggs Violin Shop in Porter, Indiana

Biggs Violin Shop in Porter, Indiana

The arts are alive and well at Biggs Violin Shop in Porter, Indiana.

This Porter County shop restores, makes, and deals in stringed instruments like violins, cellos, and violas.

Biggs Violin Shop in Porter, Indiana

Even after four years of traveling around Indiana towns, we are still surprised by the things we find! Biggs Violin Shop would certainly fit into that category. Who knew there would be such a shop right here?

But folks do know. Richard Biggs has built quite the reputation in the thirty plus years that he’s been working with violins and other stringed instruments. People come from miles around in search of his expertise and skill.

Classically trained, Mr. Biggs began his apprenticeship in Chicago, learning the art of making and repairing these instruments. Today, this luthier has clients that range from school kids just getting their start (like our own son) to major symphonies. He has worked on supremely rare and unique violins and has plenty of stories to share!

Porter, Indiana Violin Shop

Biggs Violin Shop in Porter, Indiana

Biggs Violin Shop in Porter, Indiana

Inside the home turned violin shop, you’ll find a selection of violins, bows, and cases ready to go! Some of the violins have been made by Richard Biggs himself!

We had the chance to peek into his workshop. It was incredible! I have no idea what I was looking at but seeing violins in different stages of repair as well as the various tools used  to repair or make a violin.

I could have poked around in there all day! But Biggs Violin Shop started to get really busy with folks needing violins–so we knew we had to head out and leave Richard to what he does best.

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Biggs Violin Shop in Porter, Indiana

Biggs Violin Shop in Porter, Indiana Exterior

If you are in need of an instrument from the violin family, this unique Indiana music store is your new destination!

You can take advantage of Biggs Violin Shop in Porter, Indiana and thirty+ years of experience from a luthier! The small town atmosphere you love and the knowledge of a pro.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

Biggs Violin Shop
106 Lincoln Street
Porter, Indiana 46304

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