Food for Thought an Indiana Harvest by David Hoppe

Food for Thought an Indiana Harvest by David Hoppe

Food for Thought an Indiana Harvest by David Hoppe is a book so good you want to crawl inside the pages and stay for awhile.

That’s because this is a book with a focus on the change in Indiana food and agriculture!

Food for Thought an Indiana Harvest by David Hoppe

After traveling around this great big state of ours, I can tell you that it was really fun to see some familiar names and places. There’s small town folks in here and communities that I know! How cool is that?

What’s even better is reading about the many and varied stories that highlight the achievements of these very diverse food- or agricultural-centered folks.

You’ve heard me say it before: Indiana is more than corn and race cars. It’s people and community! In “Food for Thought: An Indiana Harvest,” it is apparent how true that is.

Local Food

These folks didn’t make it in this book because they gave up halfway in! They dug in their heels. They pursued their dream and their community clamored for more! Whether it was making goat cheese or pies, the stories in here are immensely inspiring.

It’s a book that will make you rethink the stereotypes about Hoosiers and food. We don’t (necessarily) put gravy on everything. We don’t reach for boxed stuff. There’s more to us than really good pork tenderloin sandwiches. For many of us, homemade has been and always will be where it is at!

“Food for Thought” celebrates that drive to not just eat but to enjoy what we are eating. To think about the consequences of blindly reaching for foods without first considering their impact on our bodies and our environment–and our community.

Indiana Author

I hope this book has you look at eating local a whole new way! You may never mindlessly reach for what’s easy and convenient after meeting the hard-working Hoosier folks in this uplifting book!

Find or special order Food for Thought an Indiana Harvest by David Hoppe at an Indiana bookstore near you or directly through the Food for Thought website.

little Indiana received a copy of Food for Thought an Indiana Harvest by David Hoppe after presenting at the Midwest Cultural Tourism Conference from a kind soul who stated that this book fits what I do. And it does. Opinions remain mine and mine alone.

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