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Indiana Blogs: What's Up Fagans?

Indiana Blogs: What’s Up Fagans?

What’s Up Fagans? is an Indiana blog with parenting, hints, tips, and other thoughts. As a parent of twins, you can bet there’s some handy advice on there, too!

What began as a way to keep extended family on top of the daily life of this family has changed into something bigger!

From education, saving money, and staying connected as a couple to sharing personal challenges, What’s Up Fagans is a blog that pulls you in and doesn’t let go.

Indiana Blogs: What’s Up Fagans?

Why did you start What’s up Fagans?
What’s up Fagans? was started in 2009, shortly after I got married in November 2008. My husband actually wanted us to start a blog, mostly so our families in different states could always know “What’s up?” with us. Plus, it was so the popular thing to do! But, we used it for more than family updates – we shared our thoughts and opinions on all sorts of things as well. Over time it has definitely evolved into much more than a personal family blog, but the title has stuck with it as it has grown.

What about that name? Why 
What’s Up Fagans?
Sometimes I think my blog’s name is catchy. Other times I really don’t like it at all, and worry that no one will know what my blog is really about! But, for better or worse, What’s up Fagans? is a pretty good fit. I still give updates on our family each Friday, sharing what we are up to, as well as continue to share my opinions and what I’m thinking about — what I’m reading, drawing, doing, teaching, etc. So, it’s still what’s up with the Fagan Five.

What are three of your most favorite posts?
What keeps you ready and raring to post? Why do you blog?
Life! I find most of my inspiration in my every day life. What’s up Fagans? is mostly a family/parenting blog, so by living life, by teaching preschool lessons, by reading books, by parenting, by making goals, I come up with great things to post about!

I blog because I love it! I really do. It’s my hobby, my passion, my outlet. It let’s me feel connected to others despite being a full-time stay-at-home mom with three young kids.  I also blog because I love sharing my advice, as imperfect as that advice may be. I love the blogging community and camaraderie. I’m also blogging in hopes of making a few bucks to supplement our very low family income while still being able to be with my children and do something I love.

What can people expect when they hop onto your blog?
Despite my potpourri blog posts, I hope one thing that people see when they hop onto my blog is inspiration. My tagline is “Living Each Day Better.” I really hope to help people live better, fuller, happier lives.  So some posts are about frugal money tips to help individuals live better financially. Some posts discuss local activities and events so that families can have better quality time together. Other posts deal with faith so that believers can be better Christians. My underlying motivation for all of my posts is helping others be better in some way.

From parenting to art, babies to books, you cover a slew of topics! Do you have a favorite? Is there one topic that, every chance you get to write a post for it, that you just can’t wait to dig in?
You’re right! My blog can be a bit all over the place! My favorite topics are usually the personal ones, ones where I share my imperfections and how I’m hoping to change myself and improve my life. Most of them have to do with parenting (and I love writing about parenting!), but some deal with my personal feelings about myself, my life, and my faith. They may not be the most “pinnable” posts, but I love writing them, and many of my readers appreciate reading them, telling me how they can relate, how it’s inspiring them to make changes for themselves. THAT is what makes blogging worth it – helping others!

You’ve got three kiddos–and two of those are twin girls! What is the most unexpected thing you’ve discovered while raising twins?
First, let me say, I love being the mom of three kids (and want to have more too)!  But, yeah, the twins were completely unexpected, especially as our first (and second)!  It was a steep learning curve for sure and the first year is a giant blur.  One of the most unexpected things about raising twins is how fun it can be! While twins can mean double the trouble as they team up to get into things they aren’t supposed to, twins have also meant double the fun, smiles, hugs, and kisses. I love how close they are, being each others best friends, sharing everything, and so much more. I loved having a sister close in age to me growing up – we’re still best friends – so I’m so glad my daughters have a sister about as close in age as you can get!

Another thing I’ve discovered while raising twins is that children are their own unique individuals. My girls, despite being the same age, hit milestones at different times, have different interests, and react to things differently as well. They have different needs. One is better at something than the other. Having twins has made me very aware of how parenting one child can be very different from parenting another.

I’ve also learned that each age brings about its own set of positives and negatives. And sometimes one child will hit the “terrible” age sooner than the other. But, the great news is that there are positives to every age, and that the terrible stages don’t last too long. The bad news: once you get a good handle at the parenting stage, it changes!

Is there anything else that you would like little Indiana readers to know about you or your blog?
I have been living in Indiana for the past three years and honestly love it. I was born and raised in Wisconsin, went to college at Brigham Young University in Utah, and then moved to Indiana with my husband and 6 week old twins shortly after graduation.  I love that Indiana is much warmer than Wisconsin and has the familiar Midwest charm that I grew up knowing.

Another fact about me? I’m an artist! I majored in Visual Arts in college, and specialize in pencil and charcoal realistic drawings and portraiture. I dabble in painting too. I also love marching band! I played the French horn from 5th grade through all four years of college. I earned a minor in music. I even play the piano and organ a little bit too.

Also, I recently teamed up with some blogging friends and creating an ebook – The Ultimate Holiday Guide: Creating Christmas Memories One Idea at a Time! I’m super excited to be published!!

Besides What’s up Fagans? I also am a contributing author to How do you do it?, a blog where mothers of multiples tell it like it is. I organized a “How to Afford Twins” theme week over there this year, and have contributed many other posts and projects behind the scenes. I love that as a mother of twins I’ve been adopted into a special motherhood club!

Nap Time!

After reading about this busy blogger, I think *I* need a nap! Thanks to Katelyn for sharing her busy blogging life with us today!

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