Indiana Blogs: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web!

Indiana Blogs: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web!

I thought it would be fun to highlight one article each week from the Hoosier bloggers you know and love. You know, previously Featured little Indiana Bloggers!

Just like the bloggers, no two weeks will ever be the same! Like a fine box of Indiana chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

If you are an Indiana blogger and would like to be featured on little Indiana, please let me know via email or in the comments below. Now, let’s get caught up with what our Hoosier bloggers were doing this week!

Indiana Blog Updates

The categories may change each week but look for the bold-faced category items to easily navigate to the topics you prefer.

Recipes and Food

Reckermended: Roast Chicken with Pancetta and Olives — For the olive lover!

Everyday Mom’s Meals: Budget Friendly Chicken — Sub in chicken thighs for an economical meal!

A Latte with Ott, A: Kale Pesto Pasta — If you don’t think you like kale, you might want to try this one!

The Hidden Pantry: Ellen’s Hawaiian Bread — Great for the bread machine!

Treble in the Kitchen: Should I Give My Diet a Label? — Eat what works for you.

Basilmomma: Bruschetta Pasta with Chicken and Balsamic Drizzle~ a Healthy Pasta Recipe! — Favorite flavors thrown together in a satisfying pasta!

Travel and History

BIG CITY, little Indiana: International Festival at IUPUI in Indianapolis, Indiana — From writer Debra Des Vignes, it’s an ethnic food and shopping and informational extravaganza!

TJL Genes: Metzner Family Enjoys First Reunion in Many Years — Eighty six people attended the 1909 family reunion reunion!

Historic Indianapolis: Indianapolis Then and Now: 500 Block of West Washington Street / Eiteljorg Museum — A 1953 view!

Just like the Number: If My Adam Schefter Face is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right (Notes From the 2014 NFL Scouting Combine) — It’s a big deal in the football world!

Back Home Again: My Favorite Places in Indiana — A top ten list of her favorite places in Indiana!

Arrows Sent Forth: What Can Kids Do at Windsor Castle? — Things for the kids to do.

Indiana Authors and Writers

You Think Too Much: Madison Monday: A windy walk in February — Yes, it’s cold–but there’s still details to enjoy.

Eclectic Insights: Sam’s Sunday Snippets – Tall, Dark & Apocalyptic — Another steamy excerpt from her forthcoming paranormal book!

Marian Allen: The Geese of Spring — First signs of Spring!

IU Press Blog: Podcast: Anand Pandian discusses Ayya’s Accounts — Born into the lowest caste system in India, it’s the story of an orphan turned refuge turned shopkeeper and, finally grandpa! Amazing!

Red Tash: Now on audiobook: This Brilliant Darkness, written by yours… — Narrated by Jack Wallen.

Granola Mom 4 God: Put the Phone Down — Is your phone keeping you from enjoying LIFE? (affiliate links)

Education and Crafts

Acton Creative: Weave me a tale… — A bit of weaving!

Woodclinched: The Baron Fig notebook: worth the hype? — This Kickstarter project is about to see the light of day–is it worth it?

Patty’s Pretty Things: A Lucky Lady Spoolie & More — Now, a St. Patrick’s Day spin on it!

Hope and Lavender: MAPS doctors — Autism doctor’s appointment today.

Walking by the Way: American Girls Co-op Class — Weeks of history and tea time based on the popular book series!

Our Little Monkeys: Little Hearts For His Glory, Unit 18 — Homeschool curriculum for this family. (affiliate links)

Mouse in My Pocket: Finished Labyrinth Quilt — Summery bright, this quilt just pops in the sunlight.

Snail Pace Transformations: 3 Things Your Expanding Waistline Might Be Telling You — Which of the three issues do you have? (affiliate links)

Something Monumental: Photo Restoration — The before and after of photo restoration!

Gardens and Gardening

May Dreams Gardens: Flowers and their Teachings — Beautiful vintage book full of flowery illustrations.

Fashion and Clothing

Sarah’s Real Life: Think Pink — Black and white with hot pink shoes!

Curly Byrdie Chirps: It’s Friday.. bout time! — Casual Friday wear.


Candidly Clyde: Ty and I: Laughter and fun with a best friend turned boy friend.

Creating a Better Tomorrow: Friday Facts February 28, 2014: Baby heartbeats.

Fencerow to Fencerow: Need to Breathe — Disappoints and a hard winter make the going difficult.

What’s Up Fagans?: What’s up Fagans? Fridays — A week in review. (affiliate links)

53Blonde: emails that make you go hmmm — Loads of vague or irrelevant emails landed in the inbox of this blogger!

Eternal Lizdom: The Devil — Redefining what defines her.

Tales from the  Coop Keeper: What’s Stopping You? — What is keeping you from de-cluttering?

Walking the Off-Beaten Path: In the Spirit of Making Lemonade Out of Lemons……. — More snow is not a welcome thought for this Hoosier!

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