Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana

Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana

Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana is one small town diner where everything is homemade.

This Henry County restaurant was so good we couldn’t stop talking about it on the way to our destination.

Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana

Have a seat wherever you would like. Check the board on the wall for the day’s specials. Although we had heard that the onion rings are awesome, they were sold out. Apparently, we should have gotten there sooner. I always attempt to order the local favorites or what our server declares to be “the best.” Well, if our side of homemade french fries wasn’t “the best” then I guess I really need to taste those onion rings.

We agreed on the homemade chips (our boys) and homemade French fries (for my husband, Jeremy, and I). The youngest wanted a hot dog (I can’t wait until he gets out of this stage), while the oldest wanted a cheeseburger.

Even with a really nice menu, my husband and I took about two seconds to make up our minds: a pork tenderloin sandwich for me and a Bacon Cheeseburger for him. But you already knew that would make my list, didn’t you?

Knightstown, Indiana Restaurant

Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana

Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana

I’m smiling just thinking about that Pork Tenderloin Sandwich. It was incredible. Crispy yet juicy, it was one memorable hand-breaded pork tenderloin sandwich.

The rest of my family chose just as well. Sometimes you just want a good burger. Fortunately, the burgers at Knightstown Diner were phenomenal. I know that for a fact: the kid let me try a bite in exchange for a bite of mine. Deal. Even our youngest’s hot dog looked good.

I could not stay out of my fries or the boys’ potato chips. The fries were just like what my grandma used to make.  The cook came out to say “hey” and all of us raved about the food. I love when everyone is able to chit chat a bit like that. It gives the experience a friendly sort of feeling.

We would have ordered a hand-dipped milkshake with our meal but at the time we were set on ordering one of their homemade desserts–I counted FOUR pies in the refrigerated case plus a few other items. They are also known for Meemie’s Homemade Fried Apple Sundae (as well as serving regular cherry-topped sundaes). But, we had no idea that our meal would be so filling. I know, I know. Believe me, I really wanted to sample dessert, too. Maybe next time.

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Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana

Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana

More than just a great homemade meal, this Central Indiana diner also holds live music events every Friday. What a great place to create a bit of community. After all, most gatherings center around food anyway, don’t they? This makes it easy to get out and socialize in a familiar space.

There’s already a piano in place for these family friendly events. Isn’t that a fun idea?

There are so many reasons to visit Knightstown Diner in Knightstown, Indiana. Great burgers, homemade side items, and even homemade dessert. I’ll see you there.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus. I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

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Knightstown Cafe
12 E Main Street
Knightstown, Indiana 46148

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