Indiana Bloggers: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web

Indiana Bloggers: Hoosier Updates from Around the Web

I thought it would be fun to highlight one article each week from the Hoosier bloggers you know and love. You know, previously Featured little Indiana Bloggers!

Just like the bloggers, no two weeks will ever be the same! Like a fine box of Indiana chocolates, you never know what you are going to get.

If you are an Indiana blogger and would like to be featured on little Indiana, please let me know via email or in the comments below. Now, let’s get caught up with what our Hoosier bloggers were doing this week!

Indiana Blog Updates

The categories may change each week but look for the bold-faced category items to easily navigate to the topics you prefer.

Travel and History

BIG CITY, little Indiana: Joy Ann Cake Shop and Bakery in Richmond, Indiana — More than seventy years of cakes, cookies, and pastries!

Beta Motivation: ? My Confessions…Hear Me Out. Please — Take the leap.

Back Home Again: Travel Thursday: House on the Rock — This Wisconsin house is 70’s awesome.

An Indiana Mom: Medieval Times Chicago!!! –– Family fun, feasting, and jousting!

Historic Indianapolis: What’s in a Name? – Heslar Naval Armory — It was named for Ola Fred Heslar, the Chief of Naval Affairs for Indiana.

Patty’s Pretty Things: My Happy List: Art, A Princess & A Big Boy — Browsing through Princess Diana pieces, including her wedding dress!

Arrows Sent Forth: London Transport Museum — Fun at every eye level!


Basilmomma: Easy Weeknight Chicken Parmigiana from All You Magazine — Fast to fix and inexpensive weeknight dinner!

Sarah Lynn’s Sweets: Blue & White Muffins — In honor of her UK Wildcats team.

Reckermended: Paleo Friendly- Breakfast Stew — Satisfying and simple with the use of a slow cooker!

Snail Pace Transformations: 6 Ways Batch Cooking Is Changing My Life — Less time spent on weeknight meal planning and more on doing.

A Couple Cooks: Radish and Egg Salad Sandwiches {in Our Kitchen} — Pretty and tasty, an easy lunch recipe.

The Hidden Pantry: Hash Brown Casserole with Broccoli Raisin Salad and Prime Sirloin Steak Dinner — Consider dinner done!

Education and Crafts

BoilerMaker Ag: AGtivities on Campus – Purdue Ag Week 2014 — Sharing agriculture with a week’s work of activities at Purdue.

Something Monumental: Open ‘Til Midnight — Neat necklaces in honor of Empire Records!

Spell Outloud: Learning About Seeds: Free Printable Seed Journal & Activities — Seed-themed activities to celebrate Spring!

Hope and Lavender: Behavior Workshops Indianapolis Area — Behavior workshops in Indianapolis.

Acton Creative: Let’s sley something! — Getting the yarn ready for another project!

What’s Up Fagans: Teach Kids How to Plan a Birthday Party – Instilling the Value of Work in Kids — Let your kids get involved with the process!

Mouse in My Pocket: Quilt Along: Designing the Layout — Red, black, and tan quilting project with her own placement pattern.

Indiana Authors

You Think Too Much: This Time of Year — The season of becoming.

IU Press Blog: Erica Lehrer to give joint book presentation with Magdalena Waligórska at IU — Kazimierz and Jewish Poland.

Red Tash: This Brilliant Darkness Audio Sample — Listen to a sample!

Eclectic Insights: Thursday Tidbit – Hospital Chic — Liquid diets and hospital stays.

Girls in White Dresses: Can You Walk Any Slower? — Slowing down. Is it age?

Indiana Gardening and Gardens

May Dreams Gardens: Little bits of sky — Glory of the Snow Blooms.

Indiana Fashion and Clothing

Sarah’s Real Life: #LookingLucky 4: Pastel — Spring time pastels with a great pair of shoes.

Indiana Agriculture and Farming

Fencerow to Fencerow: It may be big, but it’s still my family farm — She’s not sharing just how big–but it’s still her farm!

Walking the Off-Beaten Path: Part 2 Farm Life Series: Can Anyone Find Me a Plain Ol’ Hamburger? — No Weight Watchers points for her plain hamburger?


Happy Not Perfect: When Friendships Start to Fizzle — Saying goodbye…but without the closure.

Candidly Clyde: On Wishing I Could Use Humor in Blog Posts — Sarcasm and humor is hard to get across in a blog post!

Tales from the Coop Keeper: A Fly By Post — Of simplicity.

Our Little Monkeys: Nana — The passing of a family member.

Creating a Better Tomorrow: Friday Fun Facts April 10, 2014 — Five things from the week!

Treble in the Kitchen: Day in the Life — A peek into a typical day.

Eternal Lizdom: Vapor — Remembering the past…but not necessarily the people.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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