Nacho Mama’s Mexican Restaurant in Flora

Nacho Mama’s Mexican Restaurant in Flora

Nacho Mama's Mexican Restaurant in Flora, Indiana

Nacho Mama’s Mexican Restaurant in Flora, Indiana

Nacho Mama’s Mexican Restaurant in Flora, Indiana is the place to go for homemade Mexican favorites!

This central Indiana Mexican Restaurant is family-owned and operated–and a wonderful addition to this small town. A town this tiny needs something to mark it as a destination, to bring in travelers who will then hopefully check out the rest of the shops downtown. Nacho Mama’s can do just that.

Nacho Mama’s in Flora, Indiana

Nacho Mama's Mexican Restaurant in Flora, Indiana

Nacho Mama’s Mexican Restaurant in Flora, Indiana

You won’t find boxed rice or canned beans at Nacho Mama’s. No way! Owners Anthony and Mandy wanted their Indiana Mexican restaurant to stand out. You better believe it does. Standing out is something they don’t need to worry about. At Nacho Mama’s, homemade items are a staple.

Anthony makes the beans, steak seasoning, and taco sauce. His mother crafts the rice.  I’ve never had rice quite like this before.

Family favorite seasonings and peas certainly make it memorable. It was so darn tasty, I’m craving leftovers. Too bad I already ate them! Isn’t that the worst?

Flora, Indiana Mexican Restaurant

Nacho Mama's Mexican Restaurant in Flora, Indiana

Nacho Mama’s Mexican Restaurant in Flora, Indiana

We didn’t take too long to decide! Nacho Mama’s has a great range of specials–there’s something different every day of the week!

During our time at this great Mexican restaurant, it was $1 tacos or a nice discount on the taco plate. My husband was fast to snag the Wet Burrito but I didn’t mind. I had my eye on the Taco Plate–three tacos any way you want with their (soon to be) world famous homemade rice and also beans. I went for a different meat in each one: Beef, Chicken, and Steak.

Owner Mandy shared that she really enjoys her husband’s specially seasoned steak tacos. I certainly agree. Topped with their homemade taco sauce it was so good. You can add it little hot sauce to spice it up but it is terrific as it is.

Kid #1 wanted the Nacho Papa’s. Kid #2 decided upon the Kid Taco and Nachos. They gobbled it down. As if that wasn’t enough, we discovered they have really unique milkshake varieties made with ice cream from a nearby Indiana town. Mmm…milkshakes.

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You know how you know a restaurant is great? During your visit, different locals pop in and Mandy not only knew them by name but she knew just what they wanted.

There’s quite a few reasons to pop into this Indiana Mexican restaurant. The homemade items, the friendly owners, excellent milkshakes, and homemade pizza (for when you’ve got someone in your group that feels like something different). Somehow, it just works.

What a wonderful, wonderful small town Mexican restaurant. If only every business handled their customers with such care and attention.

Check out the latest news on the Nacho Mama Facebook Page. Please share your favorite item on the menu in the comments section below.

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The menu is subject to change. Always CALL AHEAD to verify hours and menu offerings before making a special trip.

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Nacho Mama’s
710 E Columbia Street
Flora, IN 46929

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