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Listing Our 113 Year Old Victorian Home

I’m working with Tilex® on a paid basis, but my opinions are my own.

1901 Victorian Home

1901 Victorian Home

We’ve been working on getting our 113 year old Victorian house ready to list for the past couple of months. While it’s exciting, it’s also the most exhausting process ever!

Our home was built by one of the town doctors, Dr. English, in 1901. His obituary read that he was “a grand old gentleman.” He also built a mighty fine home what with the detailed brass doorknobs and door hinges, two excellent stained glass windows, and a couple of humongous windows as well as plenty of floor to ceiling windows in every room. It is light and bright. But it wasn’t always this way! Before we took over, it had been wired for split floors–which meant something like 80 years of renters! We are pretty sure that roughly half the town has lived in our house at one point or another.

It’s been our goal to get our home to look its shining best. Here’s a few of the projects we’ve tackled in our home over the years that have really made a difference, wowed our guests, and hopefully home buyers!

113 Year Old Victorian

Front Porch on our 1901 Victorian Home

Front Porch on our 1901 Victorian Home

View from the Porch — Ask any Hoosier and they’ll tell you that summer is made for two things: relaxing on the front porch and hearing the bang of a wooden screen door. At our Victorian home, we can do both! We are so in love with this porch. One end boasts a summery tablecloth over a roadside table find. What a deal! The white chairs came from the yard sale of an old friend. A pair of cardinals are nesting in the Forsynthia bush right there. The rocker once sat inside but just looks so at home on the porch. The other end of the porch has an Indiana-made swing with red cushions and a floral pillow. Our doormat ties it all together! It’s so welcome and, you have to admit, that’s one great view, too!

Refinishing Wood Floors — When we moved in, there was blue shag carpet in one bedroom, lime shag in another, and lots of different colors in between. Over the years, we’ve pulled up everything–including several layers of linoleum and even laminate flooring, and exposed the wood floors once again! Yes, even in our kitchen. I love how much character they reveal. In the kitchen, it looks like there are little shapes stamped into the floor. One even looks like a Christmas stocking! We have no idea what they could be from but I do like wondering about them from time to time.

Victorian House Bathroom

Victorian House Bathroom

Bathroom Updates — The biggest change we’ve made has had to be the bathrooms. We installed tile in both of them. The second floor now possesses heated tile and a sleek new sink, replacing the huge and ugly cabinet as well as blue carpeting. No kidding. We kept the large medicine cabinet but painted it white. Now it’s just super bright and one of the few places in the house that seems a little feminine, what with the pink and yellow plaid shower curtain. But it works oh so well in there. I’m streamlining the whole bathroom cleaning process. Anything I can do to save time on constant cleaning (especially with two boys that LOVE to dig in the dirt), the better! Enter: Tilex® Mold and Mildew Remover. Yes, mold. It’s been said that every single home has mold. Green, pink, red, or black, it’s there somewhere–and in our home, during those humid Indiana summers, it sometimes pops up in our tubs. But not any more! Tilex® Mold and Mildew Remover kills 99.9% of household mold and mildew! It cleans and disinfects. Spray it on, wait five minutes, then rinse. No scrubbing! After really deep cleaning the bathtubs in our home, I now spray on Tilex® Daily Shower. By keeping up on tub cleaning every day, I don’t have to waste a bunch of time with hardcore cleaning. Win/win. You can find more information about that one right here.

Tucking Away Personal Stuff — Thanks to so many travels around Indiana towns, I’ve got loads of family photos! But, “they” say that personal things should be set aside. I’ve mostly followed that rule and removed a bunch of frames, filling it with random Indiana scenes: bridges, orchids (that’s coming up!), courthouses, signs. The kids have had to limit their Lego projects (battles are not quite so large scale) and my husband has had to clean up his tools in the basement.

1901 Victorian Home Stained Glass Window

1901 Victorian Home Stained Glass Window

Painting the Walls — We’ve painted our hearts out. Or, rather, I’ve painted my heart out while my husband, Jeremy, works on more technical projects. While the mere mention of paint may send me into tears, it has absolutely made a difference! When we moved in, every. Single. Wall needed a new, fresh coat of paint! Using neutral colors in every room but our boys (and really fun stripes in the boys’ bedrooms and playroom), we let the lovely (unpainted) woodwork shine! And shine it does…

What are some of your tips and tricks for selling your home or just keeping it fresh and clean with Tilex® products? Please share in the comments section below!

I’m working with Tilex® on a paid basis, but my opinions are my own.
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  1. Jessica Nunemaker June 6, 2014 at 10:45 am

    We looked around last Fall in town and in the country. We don’t have anything set in stone yet–we aren’t looking any more until we sell!

  2. Mojolo June 6, 2014 at 9:36 am

    Great shot of the courthouse!

    You already know that the original hospital was across the street from you, hence why the doctor would want to live there.

    Are you hoping to stay in the area?

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