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Food Trucks of Indianapolis: Serendipity

Food truck owner Bill Gruesser was standing outside on a deck when I called. His truck, Serendipity, was booked for a private event that evening, and Gruesser was doing some of the prep work outside, absorbing the weather and the sunset. “It doesn’t get any better than this,” he said.

Serendipity: Mobile Modern Cuisine in Indianapolis

Serendipity, pictured at a Georgia Street Food Truck Friday event, offers handmade, modern cuisine.

Serendipity, pictured at a Georgia Street Food Truck Friday event, offers handmade, modern cuisine. It hit the streets in 2012, and has since participated in several food truck-related events.

Gruesser graduated from Atlanta’s Le Cordon Bleu and, in the past, worked as an associate sous chef and as an executive chef. When he started his mobile catering service in 2012, he had worked in the hospitality industry for more than 20 years. When Serendipity hit the streets of Indianapolis, Gruesser did his best to spread the word — he participated in six First Friday events and was nearly voted into the final Statehouse Market of 2013. Serendipity’s popularity continues to grow and, as its website states, is “passionate about showcasing the best that nature has to offer in every season.”

Locally-sourced ingredients are at the heart of Serendipity. Approximately 95 percent of the protein that appears on the menu is purchased from Kincaid’s, a meat market located on North Illinois Street. Serendipity also takes pride in being environmentally responsible — in mid-June, Gruesser said he plans to introduce biodegradable to-go containers. What is most notable about Serendipity, however, is its mission to “bring handcrafted modern Midwestern cuisine to the people of central Indiana.”

The Food

The Southwest red mole chicken taco was incredibly refreshing, and just the right size.

The Southwest red mole chicken taco was incredibly refreshing, and just the right size.

Each of Serendipity’s five main dishes represents a region of the continental United States—Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast and Midwest. There are crab cakes, decadent grilled cheese sandwiches and truffle fries, which are hand-cut, twice-fried and topped with Parmesan cheese. The dishes can also be ordered in half-sizes, which makes it easier to try multiple things. Furthermore, for an extra $2, a single crab cake, elk burger or mole taco can be sampled.

I ordered a single crab cake, as well as half of a Southwest (two red mole chicken tacos topped with scented slaw, fresh lavender, mint pico de gallo, cheese and cilantro). My meal was also served with white rice and black beans, all of which was surprisingly refreshing. In fact, I had never had such “light” comfort food before. (And I wouldn’t be lying if I said I devoured my crab cake in just a few bites.)

Popular Dishes

Truck owner Bill Gruesser said he would be in "big, big trouble" if he were to remove crab cakes from the menu.

Truck owner Bill Gruesser said, “If I took my crab cake off the menu, I would be killed.”

Northeast — $11
Two genuine Maryland lump crab cake minis topped with Roma tomato, pickled red onion and romaine lettuce, and served with roasted red pepper aioli on toasted Gonnella buns. Served with hand-cut fries.

Northwest — $11
Two northwestern plains ground elk burger minis topped with peppered mock-Boursin cheese and roasted peppadews on toasted Gonnella buns. Served with hand-cut fries.

What Others Are Saying

“First time eating here and it was amazing. Got to be my favorite food truck! Got a Northwest and added a Mole Taco!” — @CyrusNaser

“Bill is amazing and great to work with for any occasion! His food is delicious! Look for his truck and stop and eat at it if you ever get the chance! Still craving the Truffle Fries!! — Jodie B.

“I had the good fortune to discover the creative and flavorful menu from Serendipity Mobile Catering today. Should you ever find yourself at an event and see their truck, make sure to give them a try! Excellent, excellent, excellent! I ordered the Northeast—two crab cake sandwiches served with homemade fries, which I had upgraded to ‘truffle’ fries. Thoroughly enjoyable, top notch operation!” — Enid N

Find Them

To receive updates about its latest menu or its current location, follow Serendipity on Facebook or Twitter. The Indy Food Truck Alliance and Indy Food Truck accounts also share the latest news concerning Indy’s mobile food industry.

Follow Serendipity on Facebook or Twitter to learn its latest location!

Follow Serendipity on Facebook or Twitter to learn its latest location!

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