Lakeview Orchard in Rockport, Indiana

Lakeview Orchard in Rockport, Indiana

Lakeview Orchards in Rockport, Indiana

Lakeview Orchards in Rockport, Indiana

You’ll notice that the roads near Lakeview Orchard in Rockport, Indiana are tree-lined, but it’s not the typical oak, walnut, or maple!

Instead, you’ll see plenty of peaches surrounding this Spencer County orchard.

Lakeview Orchard in Rockport, Indiana

Apparently Georgia is not the only place known for peaches! This Indiana orchard is loaded with them–and almost 30 different varieties. Who knew there were so many kinds of peaches?!?

Peaches for canning or freezing and peaches for eating, there’s a lot here to love!

With somewhere around 100 acres of peaches (and a couple dozen acres for apples), you can only imagine how good it smells inside of the Lakeview Orchards market.

Indiana Orchard

Lakeview Orchards in Rockport, Indiana

Lakeview Orchards in Rockport, Indiana

Beginning in the early 60’s, Lakeview Orchard has kept the area supplied in fresh local produce and even canned items.

Although they do carry mostly peaches, there’s a slew of other locally supplies fruits and veggies available!

You’ll see Mount Zion United Methodist Church canned products like strawberry, blackberry,  pineapple jams and jellies and even apple butter. You know those church ladies can cook!

The tables are piled with peaches (of course), apples, and maybe also tomatoes, corn, berries, and squash (to name a few).

Go There

Lakeview Orchards in Rockport, Indiana

Lakeview Orchards in Rockport, Indiana

Take a look at the neat old fashioned apple press. That sure looks like a lot of work.

As always, please call ahead before heading out. But make sure that you do eventually head out. This is a gorgeous area–and it’s not every day you see a peach orchard in Indiana!

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Lakeview Orchard
2315 N Orchard Road
Rockport, Indiana 47635

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  1. Jessica Nunemaker May 12, 2015 at 11:46 am

    Yes, that does say a lot! 🙂 What a great story.

  2. packrip May 11, 2015 at 9:53 pm

    I have been going to this orchard since I was a kid and it seems like I have never been able to find peaches like this…anywhere, not even GA! I don’t live in the area anymore but, my family and I make a trip at least 1 time during peach season and sometimes it is the only reason we come!!! I should mention it is almost a 4 hour drive, they are that good;) I made the mistake of gifting some of my neighbors with some because I was not able to use them all and did not have enough time to can any that year so, now we almost need a truck for what we bring back:) They start asking in March lol! If you are a lover of peaches this is a must! I would be surprised if you could find a better one anywhere else;)

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