Delicious sushi at Fuji.

Delicious sushi at Fuji.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant in Portage, Indiana is located in a strip mall along busy U.S. Highway 6, but don’t let that fool you.

Inside, the decor and ambiance made me feel like I was in Japan, or at least inside an authentic Japanese restaurant. The food confirmed that I was.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant in Portage, Indiana

Before I rave about the sushi, I should mention that they have plenty of other choices for those who aren’t big sushi fans like I am. Just a few examples are the shrimp fried rice, peanut chicken, salmon teriyaki, vegetable tempura (battered and fried veggies) and ginger beef.

The sushi menu goes on for pages, and each creation is more eye appealing than the last. The only problem is that there are too many choices that all sound so good. We finally decided on two cooked sushi rolls – the cream cheese Milky Mountain and the Volcano Roll – and the cold, fresh Hawaiian Roll.

I always like the crunch and warmth of cooked rolls, complimented by the freshness of uncooked rolls. All three of our selections were great. We decided the only thing to do was to order a fourth roll – the “new” Sunflower Roll. Our sampling enabled us to try hot and cold, mild and spicy, tuna and salmon.

Fuji Japanese Restaurant in Portage, Indiana

Delicious and beautiful. Sushi at Fuji.

Portage, Indiana Restaurant

In addition to getting great-tasting sushi, we received attentive service and excellent food presentation. And the restaurant is quiet, simple and – with the windows covered in translucent screening – it was easy to forget that we were in a shopping plaza.

Part of the experience at a sushi restaurant is watching the chef turn fresh fish, rice, avocados and other ingredients into works of art.

Fuji has a small counter where people can watch the magic happen.

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The chef prepares a masterpiece.

The chef prepares a masterpiece.

Fuji is one of those places that may not be as well known as some of Porter County’s other top restaurants, but it was one of only 17 restaurants in the county chosen for Midwest Living’s Indiana Dunes Country Culinary Tour.

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Fuji Japanese Restaurant
5942 U.S. Highway 6
Portage, Indiana 46368

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