Segway Tours in Indianapolis, Indiana

Segway Tours in Indianapolis, Indiana

Midwestern summers can be hot and humid. Indianapolis, Indiana is no different!

While it’s not always the ideal weather to explore a new city by foot, exploring by Segway is perfect for anyone looking to add a little adventure to their trip to Indianapolis.

Segway Tours of Indiana in Indianapolis, Indiana

In June 2005, Segway Tours of Indiana opened as a retail facility selling to local consumers. Since then, the company has evolved and is now mainly known for giving tours of White River State Park and the canal.

Upon arriving to the Segway Tours trailer, expect to be greeted by a friendly guide. Before taking off, the guide will give each participant a helmet and a training session.

While the transportation device might seem intimidating at first, White River State Park Executive Director Bob Whitt promises that it’s “easier than riding a bike.” I had the opportunity to experience a Segway tour myself, and I have to say, he’s right.

Explore Indianapolis by Segway

Segway Tours of Indiana

Segway Tours of Indiana

Once on the Segway, each participant is taught how the “upright, self-balancing glide” works. It’s a strange feeling at first, but once my body weight was evenly distributed on the device, I was free to move. When leaning into the handle, the Segway glides forward, and when leaning back, the Segway stops. When my guide felt that I understood the concept, and I felt comfortable, I was free to try it on my own before the tour officially began.

For the purpose of the tour, the Segway can only go up to 10 mph. As long as you follow instructions and watch out for walkers and bike riders, accidents should not occur!

If you are at least 14 years of age and between 100 and 265 pounds, you can explore the city by Segway. The tour takes you past all of Indy’s best attractions, including the Indianapolis Zoo, Indiana State Museum, NCAA Hall of Champions, Eiteljorg Museum, Celebration Plaza, and so much more!

The entire tour lasts an hour and a half, and it’s so much fun. At the end of the tour, I wanted to do it again!

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White River State Park Director Bob Whitt gives a Segway lesson to Emily Roark

White River State Park Director Bob Whitt gives a Segway lesson to Emily Roark

White River State Park Tours begin at the Dr. Frank P. Lloyd, Sr. Visitor’s Center.

Tours are available from spring to fall and cost $45 per person. Call ahead to make a reservation! Call 317.253.1910 to make a reservation.

* BIG CITY, little Indiana was a guest of White River State Park for this adventure. My opinions remain mine and mine alone.

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