Silver Dipper West Lafayette Indiana

Silver Dipper West Lafayette Indiana

Right now the locals are talking about Silver Dipper in West Lafayette, Indiana, a cash or check only ice cream parlor.

This ice cream shop serves hand dipped delights that are refreshing, decadent and delicious!

Silver Dipper Ice Cream in West Lafayette, Indiana

Is there anything better on a hot, sunny day than an overflowing ice cream cone, a rich, smooth shake, or a banana split loaded with all the favorite flavors; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry? I personally cannot think of anything better to do in the summer than heading to Silver Dipper to choose my ice cream creation for the day!

This summer has  been very hot, and I have to admit my visits to this ice cream shop are becoming more frequent every week. My husband and I love to bike, and we head out on our bikes in the evenings or on a weekend afternoon and they somehow steer us to the Silver Dipper.

Many times we meet up with friends and their children, make our selections (which is hard because there are too many to count), and then relax in one of their booths and chat. It is so relaxing and ‘just plain ol’ fun!’

West Lafayette, Indiana Ice Cream Parlor

Silver Dipper West Lafayette Indiana

Silver Dipper West Lafayette Indiana

The Silver Dipper offers visitors so many choices of ice cream.

They have a long row of window pane freezers full of diverse ice cream flavors where guests can look, taste and choose their flavor. Every time I visit I always ask for a “taste” of a flavor that is fun and unique.

Six months ago, during one of my “tastes”, I came upon the flavor Zoreo, which is their zanzibar (a really rich dark chocolate) ice cream with big chunks of Oreo and marshmallow. At this time, it is my favorite and is the perfect treat in their homemade waffle cones.

My husband, as I have stated in many prior blogs, is a creature of habit, and always orders 2 dips of their cookie dough ice cream. I have tried to get him to change it up a bit, but he says “why mess with perfection!” He is correct; their ice cream is perfection in its creaminess and richness of flavor. It offers some of the best ice cream I have ever eaten!

Go There

Silver Dipper West Lafayette Indiana

Silver Dipper West Lafayette Indiana

If you are headed to Silver Dipper please note there are not one, but two great locations in West Lafayette, Indiana. One is located on the Levee at 201 East State Street and the other location is at 307 Sagamore Parkway. Their servers are friendly and can create pretty much any ice cream specialty you are craving!

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Silver Dipper
201 East State Street
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906

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