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Homemade Pretzel Hot Dog Recipe

Homemade Pretzel Hot Dog Recipe

If you have been wanting a fun lunch or dinner option, this Homemade Pretzel Dogs Recipe certainly had our boys cheering!

Anyone even only semi-comfortable baking will find this process to be simple. All it requires is making the pretzel dough, rolling it out, and wrapping the dough around a hot dog. Yes, it will need a baking soda bath for 30 seconds before baking but that’s so it gets that beautiful golden brown color you expect on a pretzel. Fortunately, it is a very quick process. Use a large slotted spoon to make it as easy as possible.

It is a fun way to get the whole family involved in the kitchen. Kids love to wind the dough around the hot dog. Our boys experimented with different ways of wrapping the “dog” to determine their favorite. The result? Whenever they wrapped it in strips with a minimum amount of hot dog showing. Hey, their kids. It doesn’t have to make sense. Kidding aside, we enjoyed our time cooking and baking together.

The Latest Food Trend: Pretzel Buns

In 2013, pretzel buns seemed to spring up almost overnight. Everyone, everywhere had them on the menu. You could find pretzel buns gracing the menu at fast food restaurants and at sit-down mom and pop diners. Bloomberg Business shared the beginning of the pretzel bun mania back in the summer of 2013. Was there anyone who wasn’t serving pretzel buns in some way, shape, or form? I didn’t think so. Now you can be one of the cool kids and serve it right from your very own home.

Philadelphia may consider itself the “king” of pretzels, but anyone who has visited Tell City Pretzels in southern Indiana, knows where the real victor lives! Pretzels are so popular, they, too have a special day. National Pretzel Day is April 26. I think these homemade pretzel dogs would be a great thing to serve that day (and frequent rotations on the menu ever-after).

The city of Freeport, Illinois are long-time pretzel fans–they are nicknamed “Pretzel City, USA.” Their history is wrapped in pretzels and breweries. Today, the high school athletic mascot is the Pretzel. Where do they play? Pretzel Field. You better believe they have an event devoted to their favorite snack: the Pretzel Festival. It has all of the attractions you expect from a festival, but with a festive pretzel twist. Pun intended.

Pretzel Fun at Home

No matter where you go, the preclík, viipurinrinkeli, praclík. bretzel, precel, or pereca has plenty of fans! Americans and German rank highest on the pretzel-loving scale. In our home, they rank pretty high too. Try them out in yours.

I’d recommend using a high quality hot dog and serving it with excellent mustard or a cheese sauce for dipping. This scratch-made pretzel dog recipe would make a wonderful party appetizer or main course for a low-key gathering.

Homemade Pretzel Dogs Recipe

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