Schwabs Fudge in Nashville, Indiana

Schwabs Fudge in Nashville, Indiana

A downtown presence since 1977, Schwab Fudge in Nashville, Indiana has seen a lot of change come to this small town. For some reason, 1977 seems to have been a big year for Nashville. This isn’t the only business that opened that year. I find that interesting. What happened to prompt the rush of entrepreneurs that year?

This Brown County fudge shop makes fudge the old fashioned way. Here, they use a cool marble table and a gleaming copper pot–and that makes the difference. The pot is so heavy that it takes two people to lift up and pour out the melted fudge.

Schwab Fudge in Nashville, Indiana

Schwabs Fudge in Nashville, Indiana

Schwabs Fudge in Nashville, Indiana

I like that we could each try the fudge that appealed to us to decide for ourselves what we wanted to purchase and bring home. You know when there are kids along, it can make you feel a little funny to ask for a sample for everyone. But here, it’s not only okay, it’s encouraged.

The sign outside not only promises free samples, it promises free samples for the entire family. Now, that’s a nice touch. What parent hasn’t given up a sample for a kid? Now, no one gets left out and everyone gets a taste.

What varieties there are, too! These aren’t just the basic fudges, either. Yes, there’s chocolate fudge, but there’s also a flavor that’s turning out to be quite the hit, the Whiskey Chocolate Pecan Fudge. Add in other fun flavors like the seasonal Pumpkin Spice or Candy Cane, Vanilla Pecan, and even Rocky Road, and you’ve got delicious, tasty options.

Nashville, Indiana Fudge Shop

Schwabs Fudge in Nashville, Indiana

Schwabs Fudge in Nashville, Indiana

Judging from the name, you might think that this a business that is all about fudge, all of the time. While they certainly know their way around the copper kettle and marble table, and even though their fudge is supremely creamy and delicious, they carry more than just fudge.

During our visit, we saw packages of salt water taffy in those bright, festive wrappings and all manner of chocolate covered goodness. So, just in case you aren’t in the mood for fudge, you can still grab an easy to carry snack for the road or as a gift (if you can resist!).

Now, Schwab’s Fudge is even carrying a selection of honey. Not only plain honey, they get fancy. There’s Orange Blossom Honey and Wetland Wildflower Honey (to name a few). I bet those would be wonderful stirred into a cup of hot tea.

Delicious Homemade Fudge

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This popular chocolate shop has been under new ownership as of 2012, after the untimely death of founder Richard Schwab, after a two year battle with cancer. Schwab’s Fudge in Nashville, Indiana is now in the capable hands of long-term employee Sylvia Shroyer.

Pop in and pay this Indiana fudge shop a visit. Don’t worry about the weather. Summer or not: fudge won’t melt until the temperature hits 110*. Just to be on the safe side, I’d better eat my last couple squares of fudge now.

Follow along with special seasonal flavor announcements, events, and “for hire” posts on the Schwab’s Fudge Facebook Page.

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Schwab’s Fudge
102 S Van Buren Street
Nashville, IN 47448

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