The Olde Bartley House in Nashville

The Olde Bartley House in Nashville

Shoppers will love The Olde Bartley House in Nashville, IndianaIt’s another gorgeous house turned shop. There’s loads of home decor tucked inside of this one.

What are you looking for? Chance are you might just find it. Getting the opportunity to look at the interior of this house is a fun bonus.

The Olde Bartley House in Nashville, Indiana

The Olde Bartley House in Nashville, Indiana

The Olde Bartley House in Nashville, Indiana

Even amid the many other shops in downtown Nashville, The Olde Bartley House holds its own! But this wouldn’t be a website about Indiana towns if it didn’t include a bit of the back-story. You know how we small town folks refer to homes by the people who owned it decades before.

Built in 1886, this roomy house was originally the home of a local grocery store owner and landowner, Charley Gibson. It makes sense that the house would have the details and bit of grandness that it does, given his occupation. The property belonged to the family since 1871 and stayed in their hands until 1903. Ambrose Bartley purchased the home and held onto ownership until 1929. It is from him that the shop takes its name.

As with so many of these gorgeous old homes, famous and well-known people have stayed within their walls. The original owner of the Nashville House once lived here at one point as did photographer Frank Hohenberger. His work is stunning. I would love to know how long he lived there, what images he captured while he was there, and what the home looked like at that time. Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to learn all about that period of time and more about the lives of the people in it, when Nashville was a new, young, thriving artist’s colony?

Shopping in Nashville

The Olde Bartley House in Nashville, Indiana

The Olde Bartley House in Nashville, Indiana

In keeping with its artist-filled background, The Olde Bartley House specializes in American made home decor. For everyone that believes everything is made cheaply overseas, you should take a step into this welcoming  shop. What surprises does it hold for you?

Each room is wonderfully arranged. There’s a nice flow to this house so you can easily wander from room to room and take in all the sights. It can be a little tricky roaming through the home if you have young children. There are so many pretty things to try to touch.

If you’ve been needing a new flag or wreath to perk up your exterior, this is the place. Seasonal stuff is in great supply. Make a style statement and buy US made items all from one small town business.

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The Olde Bartley House in Nashville, Indiana

The Olde Bartley House in Nashville, Indiana

For American-made items for the home, take a look inside Olde Bartley House in Nashville, Indiana. It’s an adorable home inside and out.

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The Olde Bartley House
96 S Van Buren Street
Nashville, IN 47448

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