Bremen Hobby and Art in Bremen, Indiana is the kind of small town shop that really appeals to the masses!

Forget buying toys from big box. This hobby shop has absolutely everything! Any kid would love something from this great Indiana hobby shop.

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Bremen Hobbies and Arts in Bremen, Indiana

Bremen Hobbies and Arts in Bremen, Indiana

My husband and I got away without the kids. We knew they would be so disappointed not visiting this shop but we needed a little time for some Christmas shopping! What could be better for creative, engaged kids than introducing them to a new hobby or craft? I couldn’t think of anything either. So, we dug in.

We knew we could find something to appeal to both of them. At four years apart, there’s a bit of a difference in terms of who can do what but once we got to really browsing inside of Bremen Hobbies and Arts, we knew this wouldn’t be an issue.

Now, when I think of a hobby shop, I guess I kind of think trains and RC cars. They certainly had a large selection of both of those–including a working train table that was really nice! But this shop is packed with far more than trains and cars!

Bremen Hobbies and Arts Shop

Planes and boats and all manner of vehicles are ready for construction. Lightweight or heavy-duty, simple or complex, projects great for kids or better for serious hobbyists, it was really a nice selection!

We had to get the oldest a rocket. We just had to. We knew he would absolutely love it and be completely thrilled! For the youngest, we selected a lightweight airplane that was simple enough for him to put together. Oh, the prices were so reasonable we threw in a few smaller items, too.

Then, my husband and I parted ways. I was interested in taking photos and browsing at other parts of the shop while he immersed himself in all things rocket. Do you know what I found? Shelves of puzzles, a whole section of the store devoted to baking supplies, and paint by number in varying levels of skill. Rows of ribbon, art supplies, and even kites are available here. In fact, there was a really nifty electric bat kite with a battery! I’ve never heard of it but I’m pretty sure we need it.

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Bremen Hobbies and Arts in Bremen, Indiana Exterior

Bremen Hobbies and Arts in Bremen, Indiana Exterior

As long as I am able, Bremen Hobbies and Arts in Bremen, Indiana will be a must-stop destination for every holiday in our house. The people were so nice that it felt like the equivalent of a local diner, where everyone knows everyone else, just chit chatting away. I love that–and I am positive you will too.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

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Bremen Hobbies and Arts
308 N Bowen Ave State Rd 331
Bremen, IN 46506

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