Eitel's Florist in Greencastle, Indiana

Eitel’s Florist in Greencastle, Indiana

Eitel’s Florist in Greencastle, Indiana was the most wonderful blend of florist and gift shop!

This Putnam County florist is conveniently located just steps away from the downtown.

Greencastle, Indiana Florist

Eitel's Florist in Greencastle, Indiana

Eitel’s Florist in Greencastle, Indiana

I couldn’t believe my eyes! The fresh flowers and plants were beautifully presented in and around the sometimes whimsical home decor.

It is no wonder that Eitel’s Florist has been the go-to local florist since 1908. That’s more than one hundred years of delighting the community with their gorgeous arrangements.

Bavaria, Germany born John Eitel came to Greencastle in 1882. Twenty-six years later, John Eitel and his wife opened up shop as growers with three greenhouses on thirteen acres in the Higgert Subdivision, on the northeast side of town. He called it “John Eitel and Son Florist.”

The son, Jacob John Eitel, first worked as an apprentice before joining the family business. In 1913, Jacob added on a retail shop on Franklin and Vine Streets. He lived right behind the business for awhile until moving across the street from the family greenhouses. The business passed hands to Kenneth John Eitel, Senior.

After serving in World War II, he made a 1945 purchase of Dr. Tucker’s office, where it still stands today! Ken and Jackie Eitel took over in 1980. After more than eighty years of family ownership and community involvement, Eitel’s Flowers and Gifts passed to store manager Jenny Sullivan and her husband, Kent. On July 30, 2011, the business officially became theirs. I love that. 

Eitel’s Florist in Greencastle

Eitel's Florist in Greencastle, Indiana

Eitel’s Florist in Greencastle, Indiana Exterior

And what a business! Gourmet food, kitchen essentials and decor, owls, signs, vases, handbags, and scarves are just a teeny tiny sampling of what’s inside. I want it all! Did I not yet mention that they carry “made in Indiana” products, too?

Move to the other side of the shop for a bigger focus on plants and flowers. I love the sunny set up here! There’s stone and pots and small shovels–and excellent windows. While I was taking images, our boys couldn’t resist the shovels. They weren’t admonished but encouraged. That was so kind. I can see how it would be absolutely irresistible to children. I’m glad that Eitel’s Florist recognized that too!

The flowers and plants are truly beautiful. They certainly know how to display items to make it look its absolute best. I guess that’s why they have won the best Christmas window display two years in a row. What can I say? They have a knack for arranging.

Indiana Florist and Home Decor

Eitel's Florist in Greencastle, Indiana Sells Home Decor

Eitel’s Florist in Greencastle, Indiana Sells Home Decor

I can’t speak highly enough about Eitel’s Florist in Greencastle, Indiana. Don’t miss First Friday, when they feature excellent and creative sales! Bonus: the owners are very active in their community. Each year, they gift local businesses with wreaths to help “spruce” up the downtown for the busy holiday season. Consider it one more terrific reason to always support your local shops!

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Eitel’s Florist
17 S Vine Street
Greencastle, IN 46135

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