Images: Abbot’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown

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Images: Abbot’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Caramels, chocolates, and sweet treats galore fill the glass cases and shelves at Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana. I love the origin of this chocolate shop. Long ago, a traveling salesman for a candy company decided to leave the road and open his own restaurant. But he started tinkering with making candy and homemade ice cream out of his garage.

I think it would be interesting to see an image of what that looked like. The majority of garages I have seen aren’t particularly conducive to creating an edible concoction.

The Beginning of Abbott’s

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana Ribbons

People loved his products. They clamored for more. Keeping up with the demand was difficult. So, after his side businesses began to take off, he closed his popular restaurant to concentrate more fully on one of his side businesses. The trouble was, he needed to narrow it down to just one. But which side business should it be? Ice cream or candy? I’m sure it was a difficult decision. But Abbott finally made a decision that would change the course of his life, and influence those of his descendants. Fortunately, William Abbott chose candy.

He obviously made the right choice. For more than a hundred years his descendants have handled the day to day of the business up. It was only the last few years when it changed hands. But you can still catch the same great flavors you know, love, and remember. In fact, it was even in the same location until the big move in 1985. For the last thirty years, it has occupied the old Presbyterian church.

I love when people make use of an old building instead of dashing off and building up something new. It adds so much to the town to save and find a purpose for empty buildings.

Thirty Years in the Same Location

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana

Abbott’s Candy Shop in Hagerstown, Indiana Jessica Nunemaker

The church works particularly well for Abbott’s Candy Shop. The tall ceilings make it nice and airy. It’s spacious. It also provides a nice flow from the chocolate shop to the viewing area. Time your visit during production hours and you can watch the chocolate confections being made through the large archway located at one end of the shop.

Make a stop by the glass counter and pick up one of the amazing caramels. They are melt in your mouth and absolutely incredible. I am still craving them. After choosing a couple of items from behind the glass, my family can say with certainty that it is all delicious.

If you have been reading this website for any length of time, you will know that I have always been a huge fan of buttercream chocolates. Abbott’s Candy Shop makes excellent buttercream candies. My husband prefers dark chocolate anything (I love milk chocolate). Yes, they were great as well.

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Abbott’s Candy Shop
48 E Walnut Street
Hagerstown, IN 47346

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