Clementine's Antiques and Accents in Kirklin, Indiana

Clementine’s Antiques and Accents in Kirklin, Indiana

For years now, whenever anyone asks for a small town with really great shopping, I have mentioned Kirklin, Indiana. This teeny, tiny town had 782 residents at the 2013 census. So, yes, not only does it fit nicely with my personal small town population cap of 15,000, it’s also a bit unusual for a town so small to be hailed as a destination.

But a destination it is, thanks to the renovations and remodeling of the entire downtown. Where once boarded up and closed down buildings stood, there are now lovely shops and restaurants. Through it all, of course, White Lion Antiques has hung on but now new antique shops, like Clementine’s Antiques and Accents, have sprung up, each one carrying something different, creating an easy afternoon or morning filled with shopping. What they have managed to do with just a couple of blocks is pretty incredible.

Clementine’s Antiques and Accents in Kirklin

Clementine's Antiques and Accents in Kirklin, Indiana

Clementine’s Antiques and Accents in Kirklin, Indiana Birdcages

I will admit that my first meeting with shop owner Laura McClelland wasn’t exactly how I would have planned it. You see, our two boys and I (ages 5 and 9) had just pulled up in front of what is now the pizza place. I had just told the boys that they could get out of the car, because no other cars were around us, while telling the youngest that if he needed help getting out, I was just grabbing my camera, and I would help him.

I had enough time to get out of the car, and open Kid #2’s door, to see him lose his breakfast on his booster seat. Multiple times. I urged him to get out of the car already and head to the sidewalk. Why oh why did he not just lean out of the car? I circled around the car, wondering how in the world I was going to clean up the mess (and it was going to be a hot day, too) when I notice that Kid #2 is now heaving up whatever remained of his breakfast on the sidewalk. Oh, my.

I yelled over to him to move it to the grass near the buildings, but where it would be out of the way. I walked back around the car, thinking and looking for something to deal with the mess, when a man pops his head out of the door, and asks, “Are you Little Indiana?” It was almost family comedy hour kind of timing.

As the owner of White Lion Antiques, he was working on something with Laura, the owner of Clementine’s. So, I got to meet her–and got a few towels from the nice guy at the new pizza place (which hadn’t yet opened at the time of our visit but should be open now). I let Kid #2 feel more like himself before we decided to pay Clementine’s a visit.

Inside Clementine’s Antiques and Accents 

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Let me tell you something: this shop will help you get that home of yours in tip-top Martha  Stewart-esque kind of shape. She’s got a great selection of items that are arranged and re-purposed in ways I hadn’t thought of before.

For example, look at all the awesome bird cages. Definitely not for the birds, use these babies to perk up a room and add a bit of that shabby chic style that is oh-so “in” right now.

There’s this incredible tower that occupies a whole central portion of the shop that came from an old hardware store (if I remember right). It was really neat. There’s vintage doors and rolling pins, metal watering cans and burlap bags, excellent furniture and wall art. It’s all so imaginatively displayed.

During my visit, a young gal, and her husband were shopping for items for their front porch. You can bet they easily found it, too. Laura is a pro at combining pieces to really make a statement.

Who is Clementine?

Clementine's Antiques Kirklin Indiana

Clementine’s Antiques in Kirklin, Indiana

You’ve heard me mention owner Laura, a long-time event-planner and caterer, but who in the world is the Clementine of Clementine’s Antiques and Accents?

Clementine is a cow. Well, not exactly. She’s the head of a cow. It’s really adorable and if it had been hanging up during the time of my visit (she was in the middle of relocating the shop to a spot next to her old spot in downtown Kirklin), there would definitely be an image here of her.

Since there’s not, you’ll have to make do with the pretty bouquet of spring flowers in a nice piece of pottery (that was also available for purchase). That works, too, right?

Exposed brick walls, great flooring, and tasteful style are all right here at Clementine’s Antiques and Accents in Kirklin, Indiana. It’s worth any drive.

Please call ahead for the store hours before heading out. But you already knew to do that, didn’t you?

To see what’s going on, be sure to take a look at Clementine’s Antiques and Accents Facebook Page. She loves to highlight excellent new items and shares special events and store hours too.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

Clementine’s Antiques and Accents
101 N Main Street
Kirklin, IN 46050
Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM
As always, please call ahead to verify store hours before making a special trip.

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