Eagles Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana

Eagles Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana

Eagle Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana is one of those parks that I’m not entirely sure you would discover on your own if you didn’t already know it was there. What a fun discovery!

For a look at the Ohio River like none other, you have got to visit this pretty point.

Cannelton, Indiana Park

Eagles Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana

Eagles Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana

Long known simply as “The Overlook,” this park has certainly come a long way. It is now a well-maintained park complete with charcoal grills, picnic tables, and two shelter houses.

Why was it known as “The Overlook?” That’s an easy question. Eagles Bluff Park contains an overlook that features a view of the Ohio River and the Cannelton Locks and Dam on a bluff that rises 200 feet above it! It is quite a sight for this flatlander (Hoosier from the non-hilly portion of the state) to take in.

Our boys were thrilled with the view! It’s great to get such a close peek at the locks. What a learning experience for the kids! The locks were completed in 1967 but the dam would take another seven years before it was ready to roll. On our side of the river, the locks sit parallel to each other. It only takes eight minutes to fill or empty the lock. There are two pools, upper and lower, with twenty-five feet in difference between them.

One million gallons of water are needed for each foot of lift. For the Cannelton Locks, twenty-five millions gallons are required. It is a much more efficient system than the way boats once had to travel. These kind of numbers are almost mind-boggling. But with the dam, there’s now essentially a 114 mile lake for residents and visitors to enjoy!

Eagles Bluff Park in Cannelton

Eagles Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana

Eagles Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana Tree

The mosquitoes are as big as Buicks! I am only slightly kidding. They really swarmed during our visit so please be better prepared than we were and pack some bug spray or whatever you use to keep the rotten little critters away so you can take better advantage of this scenic point.

Other than the overlook and the picnic area, there’s three trails to explore!

There are 128 acres to this park and the three trails will help you see a little more of it. Wear comfortable shoes–there’s quite a walk just getting from the parking lot to the overlook. A really sharp visitor’s center, complete with restrooms, offers up brochures featuring area attractions. It’s on the main path so don’t worry about missing it.

Go There

Unlike the majority of parks I’ve visited, it appears that Eagles Bluff Overlook Park in Cannelton, Indiana has a closing time of 7 PM. Please plan ahead so you can really take in and enjoy everything this neat Perry County attraction has to offer!

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Eagle Bluff Overlook Park
Cannelton, Indiana 47520
Latitude: 37°54’17.64″
Longitude: -86°42’22.32″

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