It's Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana

It’s Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana

Many antique shops fit a certain kind of profile. It’s Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana is different in two ways.

For starters, there’s a toy store inside, so there’s no “look but don’t touch” rule here and two, it’s also the site of The Funky Monkey Cafe, a very clever coffee shop. And three? Well, this could go on for awhile. It’s a shop within a shop.

It’s Your Dime in Greensburg

Christian's Kinderladen inside It's Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana

Kid #2 Sporting a Costume from Christian’s Kinderladen inside of It’s Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana

Brian Vogt and Shawn Cochran have created a community hub. The base shop, It’s Your Dime, holds consignment items and antiques. There’s even a back section of the shop that specializes in garden items. It’s a soothing stop that smells so good. There are artificial arrangements back here as well as cute things to go in a garden or to at least remind anyone stuck indoors of being in a garden.

Long time readers may remember an article about Christian’s Kinderladen in Batesville, Indiana, a wonderful toy shop that began when the owner couldn’t find good toys for her grandson. That award-winning brick and mortar toy store moved and taken up a good chunk of space inside of It’s Your Dime in downtown Greensburg. It’s the perfect fit.

At the time of my visit, Debbie’s big move was still relatively recent. Even so, she has a sizeable quantity of toys and a knack for displaying them. Our boys camped out in there as I finished taking the images I needed. We did not, could not, leave empty-handed.

Debbie knows toys. She has stocked only the kind of toys that are meant to last a lifetime…and will most likely be handed down to the next generation. It’s the brand’s parents trust and kids love. The kind of toys that can only be considered classics. You know what I mean: the kitchen play sets, the pretend food, fabulous dress-up costumes for boys and girls (kid #2, age 5, went home with TWO costumes the day of our visit, and hasn’t stopped wearing them yet!), pirate, knight, and princess themed stuff, and so much more.

Funky Monkey Cafe

Funky Monkey Cafe inside It's Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana German Chocolate Cake Coffee Drink

Funky Monkey Cafe inside It’s Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana German Chocolate Cake Coffee Drink

When it comes to coffee, oh my word. Now, there’s a lot of froofy coffee drinks shown here on Little Indiana. They most likely involve chocolate, probably whipped cream, and whatever else goes with it. They are also most likely ordered by my husband. He does love his chocolate coffee beverages. But this time, he wasn’t around, and Funky Monkey Cafe prepared a German Chocolate Cake coffee for me.

As someone who typically prefers black coffee, I could only gaze in awe at the towering whipped cream-topped drink drizzled with ribbons of caramel and chocolate set before me. How in the world was I going to drink this one? Let’s just say that my nose was probably involved a la Austin Powers “Belgian Dip.” I was worried I wouldn’t like it–but oh, my. I have been craving the thing since I had it. That should tell you that these guys know their coffee.

There also carry coffee by the bag (and by the cup). Morning Monkey is very popular. With approaching warmer weather, special cool drinks are available too. I’ve heard the mango fruit monkey is amazing, just so you know.

But Wait, There’s More!

It's Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana

It’s Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana Garden Portion of the Shop

Oh, yes, I went there. But you have to know that the shopping fun isn’t over after you have exhausted the first floor. For one thing, they do have live music events (you can’t miss the musical instruments sitting around, waiting, in the front of the cafe portion of the shop). For another, they are expanding, baby.

As if the large first level wasn’t enough, Brian and Shawn have been working on expanding It’s Your Dime to include the whole second floor as well. Those spaces are being opened up for a hair salon and a paint-your-own pottery type of place.

As a matter of fact, the pottery shop named He is the Potter, has just opened up shop. You can follow all of their progress, items, and check out the new space by paying them a visit on the He is the Potter Facebook Page.

Did I mention that they have an elevator too? I know, all of this and it is accessible for everyone. That’s a thoughtful shop. I must thoughtfully insist that you give them a visit.

Go There

It's Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana: Meet Herbie

It’s Your Dime in Greensburg, Indiana: Meet Herbie

Pretty neat, don’t you think? I like when a small business branches out and does things that are a little unexpected. Stay on top of new products and all the great changes in store easily. You can also keep up with all the happenings on the It’s Your Dime Facebook Page.

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus. I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is Little Indiana.

Just don’t forget to tell them that Little Indiana sent you.

It’s Your Dime
121 E Main Street
Greensburg, IN 47240

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