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Lindy Freeze in Linden: Conquering the Peanut Butter Mountain

Lindy Freeze in Linden Indiana
Peanut Butter Mountain specialty sundae at Lindy Freeze in Linden, Indiana
When sherbet was available one day, a customer drove from an hour away for it. The chocolate shakes are said to be old fashioned, the kind of shakes that are impossible to forget, that remain in your memory long after the last sip.

That’s the kind of place I love to find. That’s the way it is at Lindy Freeze in Linden, Indiana.

Indiana Ice Cream Parlor

Lindy Freeze in Linden Indiana
Cherry milkshake at Lindy Freeze in Linden, Indiana
Lindy Freeze has been open since 1977. It has changed hands a few times but ice cream and breaded pork tenderloin sandwiches are always on the menu.

The boys and I decided that we needed ice cream, as sometimes happens. Really, as often happens on our Little Indiana trips. We decided that it would make a great addition to our day trip plans.

If only it had been easy to get there! But construction being what it was, my navigation skills being what they are, and my GPS taking me in big loops–we changed our plans to hit our end destination and to follow it up with a visit to Lindy Freeze. GPS just wasn’t going to cooperate.

In the end, it worked out the best because Lindy Freeze is located across the street from an excellent town park.

After so much time in the car going in circles, we needed to just MOVE for a bit. Seriously, this is a wonderful park for a town this size. How nice for folks to grab their ice cream or food and easily take it over to the park. You can look for more about the town park, and other Linden, Indiana fun, in future posts.

Ordering at the Lindy Freeze 

Lindy Freeze in Linden Indiana
Jack and Jill Sundae and the Peanut Butter Mountain Sundae at Lindy Freeze in Linden, Indiana
It’s a breeze! I can’t resist rhyming. Fezzik from the Princess Bride and I would have gotten along very well. Joking aside, this is an old-fashioned ice cream parlor and quick food fast outlet that actually lets you order inside the building. Although you will take your treats back outside at this seasonal ice cream spot, it makes it nice when it might be raining a bit.

There is an outdoor covered seating area attached to the building. This way, you can dine at your leisure, rain or shine!

As for ordering, this is where it gets tricky. There’s a small, cutely decorated blackboard propped up at the front of the shop when you walk in. You can’t miss it. It’s important too! This board displays the special flavors for the day.

There’s also a menu at the counter–and that is the menu that you want. It’s full of good things. The ice cream treats section takes up an entire page. There’s specialty shakes like cinnamon roll, black raspberry, java, and butterscotch. The youngest opted for the cherry milkshake. He knows from experience that when there are special flavors available, you just have to get them!

There’s specialty sundaes too like hot caramel, Snickers, turtle, and peanut butter mountain. The train stops at peanut butter mountain. Flurries, an ice cream treat with an assortment of mix-ins to choose among, features standard options as well as specialty flurry combos in tasty flavors like chocolate covered cherries, Almond Joy, s’mores, and banana cream pudding. Make it a mudslide: it’s the addition of chocolate ice cream instead of the vanilla.

Special treats like the hot fudge peanut parfait, a banana split, and strawberry shortcake are available. I know, it wasn’t easy to decide for us either.

Considered their signature creation, peanut butter mountain begins with a generous dollop of vanilla soft serve ice cream. It’s then drenched in peanut butter sauce and covered with chunks of peanut butter cups. It is, in a word, delicious. I immediately declared “dibs” on it, a fact our oldest couldn’t believe. We are both going through a bit of a peanut butter kick right now.

He decided on the Jack and Jill, a marshmallow and chocolate sauce (or was that hot fudge?) specialty sundae. It was really good. In fact, we ended up switching our desserts because they were both so good.

Food at the Lindy Freeze

Lindy Freeze in Linden Indiana
Lindy Freeze in Linden Indiana Daily Specials Menu
Oh, yes, there is food. Although we did not try anything from the food menu, we did note with interest what it contained.

We heard that Payton’s barbecue sandwich is wonderful. Lindy Freeze is known for serving up a pork tenderloin sandwich, much like many other small town businesses. We Hoosiers do love our pork tenderloin sandwiches! I, personally, like the sound of the pepper Jack hamburger: a burger covered in barbecue sauce, pepper Jack cheese, and crispy onion rings. Does that sound like a great lunch or dinner or what? Sometimes, nothing beats a burger. Okay, except maybe a pork tenderloin!

You can find a small assortment of hot dogs, from plain to chili to cheese, as well as a few other miscellaneous items such as chicken strips and a taco salad.

The sides feature homemade coleslaw in addition to the typical fried foods you love and expect to find at a seasonal drive-in restaurant like this. There’s the normal beverages offered, though I also noticed a note on the menu that stated they make a fruit drink right there as well.

Go There

Lindy Freeze in Linden Indiana
Exterior of Lindy Freeze in Linden, Indiana
You can follow Lindy Freeze on Facebook. It’s where you will find what the new owners, as of May 2015, are up to like creating new concoctions, such as the patriotic-themed Independence sundae, as well as new additions to the menu, like 8″ round ice cream cakes made in-house. Everyone loves an ice cream cake, especially one that is made locally!

Small Towns: Destinations, not Drive-Thrus! I’m Jessica Nunemaker and THIS is little Indiana!

Just don’t forget to tell ’em that  little Indiana sent you!

Lindy Freeze
420 N Holton Street
Linden, IN 47955

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